Monday, 14 December 2015


A few months ago we bought a new sofa.  The old one had been remodelled by the cats and had lace arms and sides, not funny but to be expected if you own cats.

The new sofa is now being eyed up for remodeling just like the old one and so action was needed.

I read up on the internet of various ways to deter your cats from scratching the furniture and one idea caught my eye.  It was clear plastic attached with pins.

On further investigation I read that you could buy this plastic and the pins and do it your self and this is what we decided to do.

plastic £2.49 for a metre, twist pins £3.49 and upholstery pins £2.00

We've doubled the plastic and here's Tom doing the job.

The back of the sofa

Arm with the twist pins in place.
I know it's not great but I did buy the sofa because I liked it and I haven't seen much of it since we bought it as its always shrouded in covers to keep the little ""monsters"" tinkers off. 
Wish us luck and lets hope that it does the job.  I've my doubts but if this fails then we'll have to get to like lace arms again.


  1. Top marks for resourcefulness, I shall watch with interest what the furry ones make of it!

  2. when i was a child there were many who saved their sofas by covering in plastic. it will be interesting to see if it helps.

  3. I wish you success with this, but have my doubts. I bought a leather loveseat thinking that surely [!] the cats would not enjoy stropping their claws on leather. That was 5+ years ago and we try not to talk about the shredded leather.
    De-clawing cats has never been something we considered, so we are apparently destined to live with ragged furniture. We aren't going to live without cats!

  4. My indoor cat doesn't do this, and I'm wondering if it's not because I have this old crate that she uses for scratching? She loves it and just sleeps on furniture. She's a weird cat, as she does NOT jump up on tables, or high places, maybe she had enough of that when she was an outdoor kitty. I don't have a clue, but I love her calmness. It calms me.

    I hope the plastic works for you. Will you eventually be able to take the plastic off?

  5. I throw a rug on my sofa to stop the dye from my jeans transferring. Shame I have to cos I love the sofa

  6. fingers crossed this works. Alfie Helen`s cat loves scratching at my stair carpet when he comes, we put his scratching block at the bottom of the stairs which was working until his last visit! It does stop him for scratching her couch too

  7. I never knew what twist pins where for :)

  8. Good luck with that. I hope it works. When I had cats they never bothered the furniture but they sure liked the wood trim around the doors.

  9. Jingles manages to get to our living room furniture but she must be doing it when we aren't home because I never see her doing it when we are around. Make my husband crazy but as I told him, it's just furniture and we aren't taking it with us anywhere. It's full of dust from this desert country and one day will be replaced. Hope the plastic helps.

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