Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Mattress dilemma, and more of those pesky cats.

A few months ago we decided that it was time to buy  new mattresses.  This is always a tricky item to buy as unless you lay on each mattress in the shop for an hour at a time you can never be sure that you have the right one.
Well we decided to take the bull by the hands and go for it and went to a reputable company asking for very firm mattresses.
The sales man recommended one and we took his word for it that it was firm and a good quality.
We paid £200 each for these mattresses and already they are sagging in the middle.
The shop we bought these from have since closed down after years and years of business and so unless we complain to the maufacturer we are stuck.
My eldest has had the same problem with a very expensive mattress that was supposed never to sag.  Here the manufacturer has replaced it for him but the new one is going the same way and he has lost the will to battle any more.

Does anyone else suffer from a mattress that doesn't come up to standard? 

Here's the new slave duty, I want my water freshly drawn and in a bowl says Rupert.
Just lately he will sit in the bathroon and wait until someone comes along to fill the bowl with fresh water and he will have his fill.  Of course these willing slaves are complying with his wishes. lol
This time it was just as we were going out, but no matter, everything stops for the moggies.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, that's nice.

Spot the cat...... can you see Polly sitting on the cold earth underneat the Rowan tree.
Why on earth they sit on cold surfaces when the hatch is open and they can come in is beyond my human thoughts.
Notice the lovely colour of the leaves on the Rowan.   This is its first year and I am imagining what it is going to look like when it gets bigger, beautiful I'm sure.


  1. mattress woes are a horror and i agree about the can't tell by laying down. they are much more here than what you paid. we ended up ordering a king sized 12 inch memory foam mattress from Walmart. it came in a 4 x 5 bag and we let it escape to king sized. check out those on WM... we have used it for 5 years and it is very firm

    love the view of the cat on the cold earth. must feel good.

  2. That garden is looking very nice cat thinks so too :) I hear ya, on the mattress wows.

  3. The last mattress we bought wasn't worth the money we spent for it. In no time at all you could see definite dips in it where each of us lays. As bad as it is I hate to spend the money on another one only to have the same thing happen.

  4. I was only telling my daughter yesterday that I will have to buy a new mattress as mine has such a dip in it, now I think I will not bother as it seems it is happening to others too. When Alfie my daughters cat comes to stay he loves the dip! Wonder if the memory foam mattress works? mind you I like a soft not hard one. Finally spotted your cat blending in in the garden and have a chuckle with you being slaves to them

  5. Our last mattress is hard and has stayed that way pretty much. I didn't much like it in the beginning but have gotten used to it. It's a shame we have to pay so much for them, especially if they don't hold up. Why do they cost so much I wonder? It's just foam and springs and a covering. Doesn't make much sense. The things we do for our kitties. Jingles loves to sit in the potted plants because of the cool dirt. I can understand during hot summer months, but not during winter. :) Happy holidays!

  6. If only it were possible to get into the minds of cats! They do the funniest things don't they!!! We need a new mattress, ours is very saggy - but old - but I am nervous to get another for reasons as you describe. Hope that you can get yours sorted out! xx

  7. My friend's cat will only drink water from the toothbrush mug
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  8. Before you go and start a shouting match with the mattress manufacturer, check your other bed features. I am perfectly willing to entertain the possibility that most mattresses don't match their maker's hype, but be sure the bed itself isn't the problem. Why are mattresses so expensive? It's probably because they are a necessity, and people keep paying the prices. Does a cat notice a dip in a mattress?

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