Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Scrumbling is my delight.

I know I've been missing for a bit but my mojo left me, that doesn't mean that I have'nt been doing anything, I've made another pair of socks and started another pair.
I'd run out of sock yarn and so this pair are multi coloured being made from all of the odd balls I've got left.

 Mr.T is having these as he isn't bothered what they look like, besides being multicoloured they will go with his dressing gown that looks like Joseph's coat of many colours, lol, 
( I'm not kidding )
We bought it in Ikea a few years back and is multi colour stripes.   Well you know how we like our colours here.

Also if you remember I started some crochet scrumbles to make a coral reef, well, that's been shelved for a bit as another idea popped into my already humming brain that a scrumble representing fire would be good, especially as my favourite colours are red and yellow.

So here's a preview and I don't think I shall abandon this one as I'm really enjoying it.

Here's my desk overflowing with yarn.  Notice the £1.00 daylight magnifier overhead, one of my better car boot buys.

I'm trying to get the effect of flames with the pointy bits.  This crochet stitch is called crocodile stitch and when made a bit pointy looks more flame like.

Lastly, here's Rowan in the tent made at the side of the sofa from a fleece blanket.
the place looks a mess but I can't remove the tents as they love them.


  1. I did smile at Rowan. We have bean bags all over the place for our dogs and visiting dogs. They are a nuisance, as they take up room and I am forever tripping over the edges of them, but the dogs love them, so what do you do? LOL

  2. Love the colors and the stitches in your scrumble.
    Rowan looks very comfy in his tent. No way could you move that

  3. Love the socks and the new scrumble - no photo of the multicolour dressing gown!!!!

  4. Love the socks. That crochet looks wonderful.
    Rowan looks happy in his tent
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. good to see you scrumbling again it looks great and the socks will be so warm and cosy, the colours will brighten up even the darkest days. Have Alfie Helen`s cat frt a few days and he loves a fleece to sleep on and the centre of my bed, leaving me on the edge!

  6. Splendid scrumble! I like your 'socks of many colours' too.