Tuesday, 19 January 2016


This afternoon I decided that enough was enough and I had to sort out my yarns and get rid of some.
But I can't !
I definitely need some kind of counselling because I am an woolaholic.
I look at each ball with love and see just what I could do with it.
When I do my scrumbles I need so many shades of whatever colour it is I am working with, does this justify having all this yarn ?

Am I the only one like this or are there others of you out there?

The thing is that there is more in the cupboard in the small bedroom.

I don't smoke or drink and very rarely go out and this is my only vice, there  is a voice inside my head telling me that it's okay to have this much yarn.


All of it has been bought from charity shops or car boots so not a lot of money has been spent.
Another voice telling me its okay. ha ha 

Well, what do you think?


  1. You definitely have a problem! Lol is there a meeting you can go to? Wool anonymous...something like that? But you must really want to give it up. Have you reached rock bottom yet?! :)))
    I do know how it is though......mine is fabric. I love my addiction! ;)

  2. Hi Funbrum
    I love fabric as well but wool seems to have taken over. thanks for the comment have you a blog?

  3. i vote YES you are a woolaholic... at least this will not impair your driving or make you act stupid or mean. PLUS you have it so organized.. my mother had this much of many things but stacked and scatted every where, i think that kind is called hoarder.

  4. Problem? I see no problem. What is wrong with having everything that you need at your fingertips. If all my fabric and yarn were stacked together I would have to go into rehab;-)

  5. I don't think you have a problem at all (largely because that is exactly what my wool store looks like too). I am also green with envy at your fabric which I just got a peak at :o) XX

  6. 'Too' 'much' & 'yarn' should never ever be used in the same sentence - ever! I see nothing wrong with your lovely stash xx

  7. Definitely a woolaholic lol but looks to me like you could squeeze in a little more....and you have it stored so tidily.....a fabulous stash!
    hugs Jo x

  8. I think if your yarn needs a whole room to itself then yes, its too much. But then I can't stand too much "stuff". That includes ornaments ,cups ,glasses any household items, curtains. etc. If I'm not using it then I give it away. I can understand why you can't bring yourself to get rid of some...Which would you choose to part with? lol. Don't know if any one else is like me but I feel overwhelmed by too much in a room. Prob just me, ha ha.You will have to knit faster!

  9. Hi Caz P.
    The yarn doesn't have a room to itself, there are lots of other craft items in the room as well, that would be taking things too far I think to have a room totally devoted to boxes of yarn.

  10. Your yarn room looks like an art installation to me. All those gorgeous shapes, colours and textures.You are a collector and there`s nothing wrong with that!

  11. you are not alone but i say that if you have the room to keep it organized, it's perfectly ok. i had to recently get rid of a lot of yarn (one of my many craft vices) for lack of space. i try not to buy any more but you know how that is...

  12. Oh a friend.........I have loads of wool too, and I even bought more on Monday and had to sneak it in in my bag - I need help too!
    Julie xxxxx

  13. Yes, you have too much, but I know that when you start a project and gather your materials you can never find the right colour/shade/pattern/thickness, and always need more. My small supply of wool is in one box, unlike my fabric which is constantly growing, ha ha.

  14. I thought I was bad! That is one heck of a collection!
    BTW did you know that they have a 3 for 2 sale on almost all wool at Hobbycraft at the moment?

    Linda xx
    A Fellow Addict.

  15. maybe it is a problem but it a good one, you will never be short of finding the right wool for what you are working on I can think of much worse things to be hoarding. Thinking what a wonderful time the cats would have if the pile fell and the lids opened|!

  16. I have several collections like this - merino tops for felting, jewellery making equipment and gemstones and books, books and more books! Now I realise I do have too much because we NEED a bigger house!!
    Best wishes
    P.S I think most crafters have a hoard of something!

  17. I think it is definitely a-o-k !!! :) At least yours is organized. Mine is all over the place.

  18. That did make me chuckle. It kind of looks like my bead stash,,,,, and my fabric stash,,,,,, and my paper stash,,,,, and my.... You get the picture. Thank your lucky stars you are just a woolaholic. My poor hubby is married to a craftaholic.

  19. Bless You, crafty cat! I am so glad you've been spending your money on wool and not on heroin !! This is something that a friend of mine told me when I was ashamed of ordering another 20 books from Adlibris. He has not seen my stash of wool or fabrics ...