Thursday, 7 April 2016


When we redecorated our Lounge we bought the two large wicker chairs to put in the window so that we could do our crochet, read etc in the light.
We didn't bargain on the fact that we would not be able to use them that often, although we should have known.
Everytime we go in to sit down they are occupied but a couple of furry friends and being the 
 complete softies that we are we don't like to move them.

It occured to us that we should maybe take a leaf out of the Germans book, those that go on holiday it the various resorts, and throw a couple towels over the chairs to reserve them. ha ha
Do you think this might work? lol.  Probably not.

This morning we decided to spend the morning doing a bit of crochet and luckily both chairs were free.
   Tom has just started and Elephant and I am still trying to finish my 'Pink Champagne' scrumble.

 As he's working with grey the magnifier has come out of the closet, but it works a treat.

 Here's the Elephant that he's just starting and below is Snoopy just completed

I should also mention that the plastic that we pinned around the sofa on the 14th Dec works a treat and the cats have not attempted to claw it.


  1. i love that elephant and it may be my most favorite of your animals.. you are both so talented.. glad you to go use your chairs this time.. have you done a donkey? i love donkeys

  2. It's funny what we'll give up for our fur babies. That elephant is really cute and so is the snoopy.

  3. DH is going great guns with his crochet, good to see you were both allowed to sit in the window seats this time

  4. Perhaps Snoopy could keep the cats off the chairs? He certainly is cute.

  5. Ha! Isn't that the way it goes with cats? We don't shove them off either, just wait till they go elsewhere, which may take a while.
    I love wicker furniture. We used to have it in our living room. It so reminds me of summer porches, warmth and sunshine.

    Snoopy is so cute. Tom does a wonderful job with his crocheting.

    Can't wait to see your finished scrumble.

    Hope you are enjoying warmer days. Are any flowers blooming yet? We need pictures of the garden!

  6. I love these little animals crocheted a wonderful project to be working and nice looking work too!

  7. Snoopy turned out so great. I love elephants. Kitties know how to find the comfiest spots and don't much care what's in their way. :)

  8. Cats (people of short stature are what ours prefer to see themselves as) always find the comfiest seats - and we feel so guilty if we need to disturb one!

  9. Snoopy is adorable!! Yes, though he has his own bed, our Sunny thinks my place on the couch belongs to him. When he sees me heading toward it, he runs to beat me! I hate pushing him off, and he digs his claws in too!

  10. He's going great! Think a magnifier might be in my recent future too. :) Adding a towels would just make the chairs more attractive because anything different is much more fun to lie on!

  11. Your black cat reminds me so much of our late Dusty, a rescue cat who was so timid but learned to be brave as the years went by.
    You are both so busy crafting. The magnifier sounds a brilliant idea!

  12. I hope you guys are okay. I miss your posts!!