Tuesday, 5 July 2016


For some years now we have had a couple of seagull visit us and have thrown out a small amount of food each day.
We called these two Sid and Floppy, floppy because she had a deformed foot and he was a bigger than average bird.
They have never given us any trouble and came in the morning and again in the evening never bothering the cats.

Recently these two have stopped visiting and the reason will never be known but in their place we now have another two, obviously a pair as were the others.
But these are hanging around literally all day squawking and squeaking and generally making a nuisance of themselves.
This alone was not too bad but yesterday one of them attacked Princess as she was walking along the wall.  She was not touched but of course it frightened her and now the whole lot of the cats are not keen on going out.

So, its no more food for these two and they are not at the moment getting the message.
I wonder how long it will take them to realise that there is no food here and stop visiting.

It's a shame as they are such beautiful, intelligent clever birds but the moggies must come first.


  1. The younger generation just doesn't seem to have the same sense of courtesy and manners and I guess that applies to seagulls too. Too bad they can't behave themselves and act like proper guests

  2. here in Florida gulls are considered pests and there are sign every where, please do not feed the gulls. if you feed them here there will be HUNDREDS withiin just a few minutes... they do make a racket and so sorry your friendly couple have been replaced with a pesty couple... poor kitties... maybe they will move on if no food out.

  3. We have seagulls fight magpies and crows in our garden. Once upon a times I could feed the birds, we had everything from magpies, to jenny-wrens, but now the seagulls have taken over like bullies which is what they are. We used to think it was the cats next door attacking the birds because they always sat in the garden in the sun, we didn't disturb them and they didn't disturb us until we saw a seagull purposely land on top of a magpie.
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Oh dear- Rude Seagulls :o) I can well imagine it. Hopefully the lack of food will get through x

  5. How very cheeky of them! I hope they get your message soon.

  6. They must be really bold to attack a cat!! That is too bad, they have ruined their chances for food. I agree, your kitties must come first! I hope the gulls find new territory soon, keep us posted.

  7. gulls seem to get everywhere these days we get a lot around here they are so noisy, maybe they come because there are a lot of cats. When I was a child they used to say it must be rough at sea when the gulls came inland but they seem to have made a home inland these days. Trust they will soon disappear and leave our cats alone, I had problems with magpies when I had my previous cat and have seen the magpies pestering the cats here too they gang up on them!