Saturday, 2 July 2016


My little garden is taking such a battering this year with the high winds and rain, I almost feel like giving up on it. 
The roses are bedraggled and something has eaten some of the flowers, the Blue Angel Clematis over the back gate is not doing well either.
Does anyone know the life span of Clematis, I've had this one some years and it seems as though maybe its coming to an end, the leaves are much smaller and less flowers.

The Rowan tree that we planted last year was so beautiful with loads of flower heads but the wind is pushing it all over to one side and some of the new leaves are going black, I just hope I can reshape it when the winds die down.

Tom says hi, he's still battling on with the crochet elephant,  I would have given up by now as it's quite closely made and grey, you know me, I like colours but he's not the kind to give up and I know we'll get an elephant in the end.

So far we have a head, body including trunk, two ears and one leg.
Looks a bit funny but should all come together okay.

Finally, another yoga pose maybe, who knows what goes on in a cats mind. ha ha 

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you are doing, we are hoping for a car boot if the weather is good so wish me luck with my finds.


  1. I hope the weather clears up for the sake of your garden and the car boot sales. Otherwise staying in to crochet will be a better option!

  2. Too bad about your garden. I don't have a green thumb so that's pretty much what I get when I try.
    Sending a hi back to Tom and good job on that elephant.

  3. i am laughing out loud over the pose at the end. just to cute and funny. HI Tom, if you let your hair grow about and inch longer you will look more like my hubby... i know nothing about plants so no help from me. i do know how to snap pics of them though.

  4. Hi Tom! I cannot wait to see the elephant! I love this pose! The way the one leg is sticking out, and looking at us with just one eye! Cats can be comfy in poses that would kill me!

  5. I have several clematis plants, both in the borders and in pots. They are greedy plants - maybe the soil/compost is short of nutrients, thanks to all the rain. You could try a liquid feed every week and see if that helps - seaweed is a good all rounder - or chicken manure pellets, or even manure round the base, but not near the stems. If it's one you like, it is worth trying to help it. One of my favourite clematis has gradually declined and is not appearing to be doing anything this year. Others that are in pots are thriving...
    Love the cat pose!
    Best wishes

  6. I struggle with plants until someone told me to grow herbs because they really are weeds ha ha ha:) so far that works mostly I grow rosemary and mint and asparagus and the flowers I have are living just to be nice to me. I wish I was smart enough to give advice on yours. I think the elephant will work out love his fortitude can admire that!

  7. sorry cannot help re clematis, have been in my house 9 years and all the shrubs that I planted when I moved n nothing in the garden before I planted things are now so big that have pruned a lot lost some but others now growing even faster! My plum tree is laden with plums this year but msot of the leaves have been eaten presume by caterpillars but can never find any at least it is he leaves and not the plums
    Good to see Tom is still working on the elephant and as for the poser well he certainly loves the camera

  8. Your little garden look lovely.
    Looking forward to seeing the little grey elephant
    Julie xxx

  9. I lost a gorgeous clematis the other year but it never occurred to me that it had a certain lifespan. I will bear that in mind if I lose a plant now. Tom is getting on well with that elephant. I am looking forward to seeing it finished.