Monday, 19 September 2016


Rowan was on my lap the other night and as she looked back up to me I noticed that she had a new whisker growing.

Now, here's the question.
Notice how the new whisker is blunt on the end?
Then how come all the fully grown one's are tapering to a very fine wisp.
How does that happen, does it grow out of the middle of the whisker?

See the fine ends of the long whiskers.
I am intrigued...

Why do I have this mind that keeps asking nonsense questions?


  1. I do not know the answer, but my mind would go there to and it did give us the upside down cutest view of the day

  2. I haven't a clue how they grow but now I'm kind of curious.

  3. That looks like a broken whisker--I've seen that on my cats and always suppose that they've been roistering with one of their companions and managed to break off the end of the whisker.

  4. I can tell you about our cats and what we have noticed. Sunny has a couple whiskers like this. And we think they are old whiskers that have broken off. In fact, we are pretty sure. She is beautiful!

  5. not come accross this before but I suppose the whskers do fall out and re grown sometimes but sounds like this could be a broken one

  6. I think too that it's an older whisker that's broken off.