Thursday, 15 September 2016


Hello, I'm still here, a little moist from the heat but still alive and (I was going to say and kicking ) but that's not an option for me now, I could do my hip or knee in, ha ha.

Time was that we would lay on the beach all day and then come home cook dinner and do the chores but sadly we are now unable to do much at all when its so hot, boo hoo.

So, we have been lazing, keeping out of the heat and waiting for it to abate.  Today is supposed to be the last really hot day thank goodness and then maybe I can get back to my usual self and more posts.

So, see you soon.


  1. I often mourn the days when I could tear through the house on a cleaning spree and have it spotless top to bottom by lunch time. not now. just a little here and little there and dust when I can't stand to look at it any more. hope you are able to kick it up a little soon....

  2. So glad to see you! I was getting worried. It has been really hot here too. Like Sandra, I can now only do a bit at a time, no matter what the weather. Yes! A cold front is coming through this weekend!

  3. Today I had to find a shady spot in the garden to do some sewing, the summer house is too hot. I've just mowed front and back lawns, now ready for dinner which will be a salad. Glad we haven't had any storms.

  4. I've noticed the last couple years I've had more trouble dealing with the heat. Hope you get cooler weather soon

  5. I am struggling to make posts on my blog too and need to do other things and nothing too :) take care and I am sure will see creative stuff soon :)