Sunday, 18 September 2016


Up early this morning for car boot, it's the only day of the week that we are up early, most days we could lie in bed all day and nobody would notice, lol

I love the drive early in the morning, hardly any cars on the road and the air is fresh.

 Followed these poor horses for a while, obviously being carted around for a Gymkhana or something.  I always feel sorry for them being joggled about.
When I think about it, horses don't get a very good deal in life on the whole.  My son has two and notices how many of them in his stables where he keeps them are neglected, not ill treated, just used as toys.
Anyway I am diverting from the original post.

Best find of the day is the cat carrier.

Foldaway 'GreatandSmall' looks as though it has never been used, £5.00.
Looked it up and it costs £34.99 new so pleased with that.
I have wicker baskets and they are so awkward, also the clan have sharp ears and as soon as the baskets are moved they scoot when they hear the squeaking noise of the wicker.
Ha ha, Mum will be able to get this one out without them knowing.

I'm hoping that  this knitting needle gauge might be a good find as well, I paid £2.00 for it but cannot find another like it on the internet so thinking it might be rare.  Will have to do some more digging.

Silver and tuquoise pendant for £3.00.
I have a nice chain for this.
And other bits and pieces I won't bore you with.

And this was waiting for us on top of the freezer when we got back with a most distainful look as much as to say, 'Oh you're back' 


  1. nothing funnier than cat sarcasm.. to funny and congrats on your FINDS.. about the horses I agree with what you said, and add to that almost all four legged animals and it is the same.

  2. Loving that cat carrier ♥

  3. What great finds! The knitting gauge actually looks a bit like art! I love the soft carriers! They are not so huge and bulky to be stored. Beautiful pendant!

  4. I was going to say the same as Ginny. Polish the gauge, add some bling, and hang it somewhere.

  5. Great finds. That gauge is quite interesting.

  6. As always you inform us and delight us, love your wonderful finds too!

  7. Horses have a pretty good life on the whole. For maybe 2 hours a day on average they might need to do something the human wants to do, the rest of the time they eat and hang with their buddies and get all their needs looked after. Domestic horses like hanging with people because they like doing stuff with the herd whether it be other horses or humans. Some are less friendly but those don't end up being very pleasant to do stuff with so they generally get left at home. Your average pony club or show horse loves attention, likes to go to new places, loves being fussed over and doing fun stuff like sharing eating weird things at lunch time. They can even be quite competitive at games and such. Horses are a communal but competitive species just like humans, which is why I think why we get on so well with them. My nieces' two current ponies love to be groomed, love to jump and love to go to pony club. You can see their faces light up when they see the first jump and they could certainly refuse to do it with nothing but those little legs to keep them on course. They are all different just like people, but you don't need to feel sorry for them. It's nice life compared to many, including those of most humans!