Saturday, 17 September 2016


Today is Saturday and the day I dislike the most.
Before retirement weekends were looked forward to but somehow things have changed, now I prefer the routine of the week and don't like the weekends.  The radio all changes and there's a different feel to the 2 days.

So we often trot off to our local Waitrose for a cheap cup of coffee and a pot of tea plus of course the free newspaper all for 50p.

  This is a really good bargain but it has spoiled me for buying a coffee or tea anywhere else because I resent having to pay more, ha ha,

Just show the 2 waitrose cards and we are good for a nice relax and a people watch.
Tom did take a piccy of me but as I look like a pumpkin squashed into the chair I've kept it to myself. lol

I found this in the paper today and thought I'd share.
They are fire boots for the dogs who work with the fire brigade .
So cute.


  1. I never thought about it that dogs do need boots when they work a fire. love that photo and am ROFL about the squashed pumpkin we did not get to see. I can't tell you how many of me have not been shown and if you notice when I post ME pics you only see my face and sometimes only part of the face. we can't tell our weekends from our week days, like living one long week end

  2. Wow! I thought I was the only person who does not like weekends in retirement! For sure they are not special anymore, and not looked forward to. Shops close earlier, radio is different, etc. But there are more festivals and things happening. Such a funny but practical picture of the hero dogs! This should be done with all fire dogs, their paws are sensitive. I want to see that picture of you!!

  3. You're the first person I've heard of who doesn't like the weekends. I can certainly understand your reason.
    Makes sense that dogs working around fire would need boots to protect their paws

  4. I love sitting and people watching to. The author in my creates little back stories for people as I observe them.
    x x