Monday, 5 December 2016


Thankyou all for the comment on the Robin, I just wish the video could have been clearer but I had a tip from Sandra from
and  now know how to remove the black sides so I'm getting there.

In the last post I mentioned that we had visited the garden centre.
 I just had to take some pictures of these sculptures.

This was Tom's favourite, called hot dogs, look at the expressions this man has managed to carve on their faces, so cute.

This was the one that I loved, the one on the bottom is so squashed and doesn't look very happy. lol

Here's one happy bunch of asparagus.

2 blowing raspberries and one just having a good laugh.
I thought they were so amusing.

Finally here's the little Robin again but clearer, I love his little beak singing away.


  1. These are amazing and I love them all. The hot dogs made me laugh and the one that I want is the very first one that piece of toast I love the toast.

  2. Those sculptures are amazing. Totally delightful. I think I would have to pick the hot dogs as my favorite.

  3. Interesting sculptures. The artist has a real sense of humour!

  4. That robin sure looks nice and healthy. Great picture. Love the hot dogs. Amazing details in the sculptures.

  5. These are great! And he has such a clever sense of humor! My favorite are the cute Hot Dogs!! Cute little plumped up bird...Sandra can do anything with the computer.

  6. Amazing sculptures. Great photo of the little Robin♥

  7. such a talented sculptor amazing creations you have shared. Off to see how to remove those black sides from your link thanks for sharing it.

  8. Love those carvings they appeal to my sense of humour

    Julie xxxxxxxxx