Tuesday, 13 December 2016


When all of the children were at home I loved Christmas.  We had a real tree and I spent hours making presents and home made food.
Now they are all grown and not living that close I don't have that same feeling for it.
 Things generally are just not the same as they used to be.

It seems to me to be a greedy time of too much food and high expectations of expensive presents for most people, and who can blame them when we are constantly bombarded with adverts telling us what a great time we should have and how if we don't have a pile of pressies to open then we are hard done by.

I'm going back now to the late 50's early 60's when a chicken was thought of as a treat. My Dad's brother kept chickens and always gave us one each year, only trouble was that it came complete and we had to pluck and dress the thing, I can recall sitting on the step down into the kitchen pulling all of the feathers out, that  was our christmas meat together with a hand of pork.   My Mum saved all year round in several christmas clubs and 2 weeks before the event she would go around to each shop and buy the food, chocolates and alcohol.
There was just enough for the 2 days of christmas and I can still recall the smell of the box of fruit that sat in the back room until christmas eve.

Post was coming throught the door at all times of the day with extra staff bought in for the heavy amount of cards.  Christmas cards sere picked out individually and sent with thought, usually a nativity scene or a snow scene with glitter.

Maybe I'm just getting all nostalgic for the past but I just think that its a shame the simplicity of it all has gone out of the window.


  1. It would be nice to have a less commercial Christmas now. I do try to keep some of the 'old ways' by sending cards through the mail and making the stockings a main focus. I wish the big dinner was more important than what's under the tree but it's so different now for the young ones. It has got a little out of hand. I remember when as kids we would come out to my grandmothers' country home for a big chicken dinner with all the trimmings and she would have an envelope for each of the grands. There would be a piece of candy and a brand new two dollar bill inside. It was pretty exciting. lol

  2. Take heart! We still have a modest meal (all home cooked). All treats are home baked. I can't afford gifts but will try to give some money to charity that I feel is deserving. Natalie

  3. Yes, you are right. I remember these times. I so hope that your family will be with you at Christmas!

  4. I totally agree with you. I miss the simpler times of the past. When I was growing up it was more about family and togetherness than the dollar amount attached to the gift. The whole lack of appreciation that has moved in to the holiday has really taken the joy out of it

  5. I also recall the happy memories of Christmas times back in the 50's and 60's. Such happy days they were:) I printed out the following quote which I have displayed in the kitchen "it's not what's under the tree that matters, it's who is gathered around it" how true in my eyes.

  6. I miss Christmas as before! Yes it does feel excessive. We didn't have much money when we grew up but my Mum made a real effort for us on Christmas day with the turkey etc. The rest of Christmas would be simpler meals and just finding our own thing but that one day was so special with turkey!

  7. so true times have changed. We used to have duck as we kept ducks when we lived down south and the good old stocking with an orange in etc, when we got a bit older there was a book at the end of our bed. Dad being a vicar found him out for a time as he had 2 services and once living in Manchester he also was chaplin at Christie hospital so had the 2 services then went to Christie`s and was not home till lunch time, happy days.
    This year Helen ny nurse daughter has 25th off first time in 10 years so will celebrate on the right day she lives near me and will go and collect Catherine and Sal and bring them over for the day. Have a lovely time

  8. I remember that too, and the shops closed Christmas Eve evening and didn't open again till the day after Boxing Day. And in England and think Wales we didn't have a day off on New Years Day.

    Julie xxxx

  9. Yes, people have turned it into something else and I was at a christmas party for my husbands work and the children were enjoying it. and I spoke to woman from china and she was overwhelmed at all the wonderful activities and we got to talking and she said for her birthday she got and egg all to herself and how exciting it was (they were very poor) we have become very spoiled and ungrateful. I love your comments and also try to remember it is a celebration of Christs birth too.

  10. Oh, those childhood Christmases! They were great for us kids, but I know my Mother worked like a mad woman to make the money stretch to get us each a modest gift and have a nice dinner for the extended family. At the time I didn't realize how much work it took for her to arrange even a simple celebration. But they were magical times with all the decorating and anticipation of the big day. I loved going to the attic and pulling out the boxes of ornaments for the tree. Each one we unwrapped was such a special surprise of remembrance from years past. But of course we grow up and times change.

    About 10 year ago I found myself getting really stressed by all the hectic activity and the expectations of others at this time of year. It took me a while to learn to say 'no' to the things that I really didn't want to do.
    We no longer have small children in our family so there is no shopping for gifts. None of the adults really 'need' anything and why buy things just to give a gift that really doesn't have much meaning.
    We still have a nice dinner for just the four of us, Me, Zip, and Brad and Kami (son and DDIL). We visit with Mom. That's it. Simple and non stressful.

    I still have many of those ornaments from childhood and still love getting them out each year.

    Hope you and Tom and the Kitties have a peaceful holiday season.

  11. I too remember Christmas in the 50's and 60's. Life was much more simple, no mass advertising on television, simpler presents, shops and cinemas closing over the whole of Christmas and Boxing day. Advent calendars that did not have chocolate and TV characters on the front. I too have many of our old ornaments from our Christmas trees of that era. Happy days.

  12. I totally agree!! It was more fun back then than it is now and there isn't the anticipation of not only gifts and food but seeing all your cousins, aunts and uncles. I have to say that I feel sorry for my grandchildren as they will never experience the wonders of that time. Your Christmas is today but we have ours tomorrow.