Sunday, 11 December 2016


Woke up to a beautiful blue sky and lots of sunshine and decided to take a walk on the Brighton Palace Pier.  Caught the bus down as the cost of parking on the seafront is ridiculous.

Here's a surprise, a couple all dressed up for some kind of do, shame I couldn't get a better picture as the headress had a tigers head on it, no worries, it was only a toy one.

Next sight was an all too familiar one here in Brighton, a homeless man and all of his belongings.
Here in Brighton I'm ashamed to say that we have one of the highest numbers of homeless people living on the streets.
I look back to when I was a child a cannot remember this kind of thing, just the odd tramp.
Surely it need not be...

 On to the pier and someone had to stick his head in the santa board. lol

view from about half way along the pier looking back to the seafront houses and hotel.

Had to take a snap of the slats on the pier,  they hold memories for me and by the looks of them they 
are the same one's that I walked on as a child.
I used to be so frightened looking through the slats at the sea below.
Later I was only frightened of pulling my stilleto heel off of my shoe, haha

Here's what a selfie looks like of a couple of pensioners with a horse coming out of their heads.

By the time we got back home I needed a couple of Ibuprofens and a cup of tea for my poor old hip but it was a bit of much needed exercise and enjoyable.


  1. Florida has an overabundance of homeless because of our year round mild temps. no one will ever freeze to death here. our county at last count had 497 with 697 in Sarasota. when they add in the families living with friends or relatives it goes to 3000. they don't count children living with parents or grandparents but if some lives with great grands they are considered homeless. we have two One Stop places for them to find food and help with finding jobs or filing for their benefits.
    when bob and I walked the 3 miles at Riverwalk I came home and popped one Aleve and laid down for an hour and was fine. but I did have to do that. hip and back do not like a lot of walking. but it is needed.

  2. This is a wonderful post! And after all this time, I FINALLY get to see you clearly! You are so pretty! And I love the glasses. What a beautiful place! Yes, we have quite a few homeless people, even though our city is small. Our church started a warm shelter for a place for them to stay at night in the cold weather. I agree, when I was a child I never remember seeing any homeless people. We also have lots of people standing on the side of the road, asking for money. Many say they are veterans. The way we treat our vets is shameful!

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  4. Lovely photo and you look so much younger than I thought.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day and I love your selfie.
    I can't imagine living out on the streets like that. In the small town I live in we don't have any visible homeless people. I've heard of a few people who live out in the woods but none sleeping out in the open on the streets

  6. Lovely photo of you and your DH:) Back in 1995 I spent a weekend in Brighton, loved it. It breaks my heart when I read of homeless people sleeping on the streets now:(

  7. seeing these photos reminds me of the times I worked at the stitching shows in Brighton. Such a shame re the homeless but here in Leeds a couple of months ago they had a big drive to house them all that wanted a place got one but so mnay chose to stay on the streets how they manage in the cold I do not know. The man you photoed had so much stuff with him to keep his eyes on. As you say we had the homless that were called tramps but they did not sleep out in the open but were more likely to be found in the coutryside inthe hedgerows etc.

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful day

    Lovely to see you ina photo too

    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. I am guessing this is the Sunday Selfie post as part of the Cat on My Head blog hop (?). I was looking for the badge and the code so if I got the wrong post sorry.