Monday, 20 February 2017


Having recently had the lurgy as you know, I read quite a lot.
A book has to be good and interest me  and to hold my full attention  and in the past I have been known to get half way through a book and give it up, but these three fiction books I really enjoyed reading.

All of them are by the same author, Margaret Leroy, and are about the WW2,  I know this sounds boring and usually I would not read books on this subject but I was surprised how much I liked them all.
Each book is about a different area.  'A Brief Affair' is set in London,   'The English Girl ' is set in Austria and 'The Collaborator' is set on the Island of Guernsey.  Each book is so different and I gleaned so many facts to do with the war and how people had to make ends meet.

One of the things that hit me was the subject of pets.  I had never given a thought to the fact that a lot of people had their pets put down owing to the fact that there was no food for them,  it must have been such a hard thing to do.

Anyway, here are the 3 books if you fancy a good read.


  1. All three sound like interesting reads. When I start a book, if it doesn't catch my interest within the first chapter I rarely go further. I've been known to read a few pages and decide the book isn't worth the time.

    About the shoe covers for work, I could get them but I would have to buy them and the coffee filters were free, I took them from the break

  2. I just ordered three Margaret Leroy books from my local library. They didn't have the ones you suggested but they had 'The Soldier's Wife', 'Yes, My Darling Daughter', and 'The River House'.
    Can't wait to read them. I'm always looking for good books to read.

    Wanted to comment on your last post.
    Love the sweet little mother sitting there reminding Tom that it's time for a snack.
    A well trained human is what every cat wants in their life. Looks like Tom is an excellent CatDaddy.
    At our house Zip is the feeder. They don't even bother asking me. Ha-ha!

  3. I have never read her books and now I'm intrigued. Thank you.

  4. I have read The English Girl and thoroughly enjoyed it.The Soldier's Wife is waiting to be read.

  5. I believe I have heard of "The English Girl." Like you, it never occurred to me that poor folks have to put their pets down. Here, we have a lot of homeless people standing on the highways with big signs saying they need help, or are veterans, etc. I am sure having a dog by their side gets them extra donations. I wonder why people just don't drop them off at shelters? It is better than the alternative.

  6. These books sound great, must look for them!