Saturday, 18 February 2017


I don't know how this happened but Mummy Polly has a little taster of soft food at 4 o'clock.   
None of the other have this, they have dry at this time but she knows the exact time that we should bow down and get shifting into the kitchen to dish out the taster.
I think the fact that Polly was a stray has made her more canny than the 'kittens', she must be going on for 10 years old I should think, I don't know how old she was when we took her in but the 'kittens' are 9 this year so around 9 1/2 10 years old my thinking.

 And so at this time she will place herself in position to get noticed.  See who she is in front of, they are not my feet, lol.
Tom is the feeder here and it is him she sits in front of, not me.

The above postition clearly isn't working so she moves in a bit closer, surely this will make him shift..
Notice the gaze, her eyes do not move from his face.

Finally she climbs onto the feeders lap.  This should do it, and of course it does.
We who serve will obey. lol


  1. They've got us so well trained, haven't they?
    Best wishes

  2. LOL, Gotta love a cat who has her feeder well trained.
    Gibbs will sit by Wade's chair when we have dinner and wait for him to dole out a morsel or two from his plate

  3. That is so true and funny 😄they always are the smarter ones, we are but pawns in this game of life 😄

  4. My cat gets Dreamies when he comes in when he is called. Sometimes, he is already in when I call him. Then I shut the window and give him treats, so now every time we shut a window, he comes running for his reward!

  5. Oh, so sweet. Love the look on her face!

  6. This is so cute! She is beautiful! And so smart to be able to tell time! Our vet said that cats have very good memories of their history. They will always remember things. This is what our Simba does! He sits on the arm of the couch beside Phil and stares intently, then starts kissing him. What would we do without our cats? Do the others like wet food? If they do not eat at 4:00, then you must take Polly into a different room to feed her?

  7. Our cats anticipate 'tea time.' It began for the oldest ones when we lived in Wyoming. When I came home from work at the quilt shop I was greeted with a great clamor of cats expecting their dollop of tinned food. I always said, 'Wait til I've had my tea!' Their treat became officially known as 'tea time.'
    'Tea' is served earlier now, but I swear they watch the clock and one in particular does her charming best to get the treat dished out an hour before time!

  8. He certainly knows how to get what he wants!

  9. Cats definitely know how to get what they want. :)

  10. Ha ha this is so funny!!!! We are just large minions who serve these feline Emperors and Empresses!!!

  11. This makes me giggle. Our cat Rocker was a stray and he is much the same way! I am enjoying your blog so very much this a.m.