Friday 10 March 2017


Not a very good photo but, someone has been chomping on the ends of the Bonsai tree.
I wonder who the culprit is?
Noticed Polly taking an interest last night and Willow has been sniffing around it, maybe one of those.
Have just looked up to see if it is harmful to cats and am not too sure, this means that I shall be passing it on to my daughter who has no pets.
 Better to be safe than sorry.
I just hope Tom (Grandson) understands, I think he will.
Just as I have got the hang of how often to water etc and it is coming along nicely.


  1. That is too bad. My cats won't allow me to have indoor plants either. In fact, they chew on my fake plants! lol

  2. They're taking bonsai to heart and pruning it for you!

  3. Oh, what a disappointment! I am so sorry. But of course, there is no choice at all when it comes to our plants or our pets.

  4. I have had many plants and cats throughout the years and they would occasionally prune them for me, Sheba who we had to say goodbye to a bit ago was over fifteen years old and she loved to sit on the piano and chew bits off my asparagus fern. never had a cat get sick from the plants, I think if they chew on a plant and it affects them they are smart and will not touch that plant again. I used to buy them cat grass plants just for cats and they loved it. For some reason I did not worry about them getting sick. My house was always full of plants.

  5. am sure that is the right thing to do it would be allfull if it made the cats sick

  6. Jingles munches on all sorts of plants around here. I put the bamboo in the bathroom thinking she wouldn't wander in there to eat it, but nothing stops her when bamboo is around. :/

  7. Is it only indoor cars who chew plants? I have only ever had outdoor cars and have never had plants chewed. Ours eats grass in the garden, and is very fond of his catnip patch....