Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Have you ever had a song on your brain that you can't get rid of?
I have this song that has been going round all night and is still there today and its driving me NUTS.

I love the song but I'm slowly going off of it. lol

 Any ideas?


  1. I gather it's called an 'ear worm', but how to get rid of it, I don't know.

  2. you get rid of it by finding another ear worm ha ha ha

  3. Troubles with an ear worm? Try playing some different music, something that doesn't ordinarily take your fancy...

  4. I think that singing either 'God Save the Queen', (or it could be 'Rule Britannia') and 'Happy Birthday to you' should put the earworm out of your head. The other day, I had Blue Swede's 'Hooked on a Feeling' in my head and that lasted for days! I blame 'Guardians of the Galaxy' for that!
    Best wishes

  5. I remember Leo Sayer...and that hair! Wonder whatever happened to him. But I never heard this song of his. I have read that to get a song out of your head, choose another song, one that you would want to repeat more then the original one. I have had this happen quite a bit. The worst time was the bass line of a Stevie Nicks song. It drove me nuts! I played all kinds of other music till it was pretty much erased.

  6. I remember Leo Sayer but have never heard this song. Sometimes I'll get a tune in my head and think, now why in the world am I singing that? Especially if it's a song I don't really like. :/ I sent you a direct message on Instagram.

  7. This has been a life-long nuisance for me! If you find a solution, let me know!

  8. I LOVE Leo Sayer's music and noticed earlier this week that he's doing a UK tour right now. Wish I was in England! He and his hair are still going well... Try listening to 'Why is everybody going home?'

  9. I don't think I've ever heard that song behore. Happens to me all the time getting songs stuck in my head

  10. yes...... i have had that before. LOL. It g takes overill keep haunting my mind till another song takes over

  11. so enjoyed hearing this again, was listening to Leo being interviewed on the radio the other day, wonder if you heard him and that is why you have the song going around in your head. Maybe listening to some other songs might help

  12. Here is a scientists view....

    They are the songs you cannot get out of your head. Now scientists may have found a way to help anyone plagued by those annoying tunes that lodge themselves inside our heads and repeat on an endless loop.
    Researchers claim the best way to stopping the phenomenon, sometimes known as earworms – where snippets of a catchy song inexplicably play like a broken record in your brain – is to solve some tricky anagrams.
    This can force the intrusive music out of your working memory, they say, allowing it to be replaced with other more amenable thoughts.
    But they also warn not to try anything too difficult as those irritating melodies may wiggle their way back into your consciousness.
    For those unwilling to carry around a book of anagrams, a good novel may also do the trick.

    1. Thanks Willie, I must go now and find a book of anagrams. lol
      I seem to have lost that song now only for it to be replaced with Lady Gaga's 'Million Reasons'
      I can thank Spotify for this.

  13. Hmmmm, I think Willie's suggestion that reading a novel helps. At least when I'm reading I don't notice the 'song dejour'. For the last few days it has been 'You left me just when I needed you most'. Knitting only makes the music worse!