Friday, 5 May 2017


It all started over 2 years ago when the next door neighbour decided to sell the house on the corner.
His father came over to uk  from Poland to fly for the RAF in the war and stayed.
He was here when we moved in and we had a good relationship with him for 45 years.
He was eccentric and hoarded every little thing, the back garden was a jungle and the garage was full to the brim with useful things, but all the same he was a lovely man and we were sad when he passed away.
No need to tell you that the cats loved that garden and Ben liked them and allowed them free access,.

Then the so called renovations started.
Maybe some readers will remember me moaning about the mud that was being trodden in and the noise.
This was the back of the house with all trees and bushes removed.

Same at the front, no trees or bushes left and more mud to tread in.

This is what it looks like now and it has been sold for just under £1,000,000.
As you can see there are leylandii strategically placed for effect, but all the rest of the surrounding area is block paving.
Not much good for birds , insects or even my lot.

The new neighbours move in today and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they 
1. Like cats
2. Like foxes
3. Like seagulls
otherwise I can see things might be a bit sticky.
Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. We are anxiously awaiting who's going to move next door to us so I know what you mean

  2. It looks lovely. It's a rather large house, will only one family be moving in? Hope the people are nice and like both tame and wild life.

  3. I'm grateful that except for a few short years in a college town we've been country dwellers. Even in the 'country' we sometimes have to deal with stray tomcats who 'spray', dogs that bark all night, etc.
    I hope that your new neighbors will be pleasant and certainly that your cats are not threatened.

  4. I'm glad you are going to have 'new neighbors' and know how it is when a place lays empty for a long time. We have a house close by in our neighborhood that is like that... and it can cause problems. Certainly hope your new neighbors like cats, foxes, and seagulls!

  5. Oh yes, fingers crossed, having pleasant neighbours is important!

  6. At least it wasnt turned into a multiple occupancy , the fate of most larger Victorian homes . These days they all seem to want that blank canvas look but i just find it so soulless

  7. Hope they are all you want! I too live in the country and neighbours are across the park(field in Scotland) or across the lane to our left so we dont look into any windows. All our neighbours are there when wanted!

  8. this figure one MILLION dollars? So that entire rectangular area is all paving now? Well, a house this expensive, hopefully the new owners are cultured and well behaved. Change is always nerve wracking. You just never know, when you get a new neighbor. Do you have a good position from which to, watch, while they move in? NOW, what's this about foxes? I lOVE them!!!

  9. Don't like that, all white, everything, wonder they didn't paint the glass in the windows as well. No character, looks like a Christmas cake. Hope your new neighbours are nice people.

  10. Looks like a really big house. He all goes well with the new neighbors

  11. If yours is the brick one next door; I'd much rather have yours! All that paintwork that will need re-doing every 5 years is a nightmare. I've promised myself NEVER to buy a painted house, ever again.

    1. Yes Cro, ours is the one next door, we only have the maisonette probably bigger than most houses these days with 3 bedrooms, the bottom part is another flat.
      It seems to be a trend around here. Lots of houses on the Dyke road have been plastered and painted like this and you are quite correct in that they need repainting frequently or they look awful.

  12. so good to now have the house renovated wow it was a bit pricy for me. Not sure about those trees though think I would have picked something other than leylandii and kept some garden too. Wonder how long before the white starts looking like it needs a new coat of paint.

  13. I hope the new neighbors are quiet, clean, like animals and don't bother you...Enjoy the weekend!

  14. Hope you get wonderful neighbours!
    Take care.

  15. Probably sure to be nice enough people in themselves, but maybe not such good neighbours to the cats. Why would you want all that grey sterility? Each to his own, I suppose, but what wouldn't I do to have a patch of garden to watch all the living things going about their business. Are these Leylandii trees bird-friendly?