Saturday, 17 June 2017


Today has been hot, hot, hot and the cats are scattered all around.
Mummy Polly and Princess are flopped out in the garden, its so hot I don't think they realise how close they are to each other, lol

You can just see my green man in the background, this is one end of a set of book ends found in the car boot, they have been in the garden for several years and are withstanding the weather okay.

The Bijou garden is once again in bloom and the Blue Angel Clematis is extra good this year with lots and lots of blooms.  Tom has been feeding everything regularly this year and it has paid off.

A couple of years ago we had a new staircase fitted which was just so ugly, the previous one was victorian and although going rusty had more appeal and was quite attractive.
Last year we purchased a couple of honey suckle plants to climb up and hide the ugliness.
The one above was so successful with loads of blooms and smelled wonderful.

The added bonus was that it attracted so many bees, so if you want bees to visit your garden then I recommend this type, we have never had so many bees visit the garden.

The other honeysuckle was lovely but nowhere as good as this one.


  1. Your garden is looking great this year. I would not get any work done inside, all I would want to do is sit out there and read or stitch. Love honeysuckle! We used to have it growing wild on our property but over the years it has all died off. Looks lovely trailing up the stair rail.

  2. Your garden looks wonderful. Glad your cats have the opportunity to share it. And we have a beautiful red honeysuckle plant in the front... a gift to us by passing birds we believe.

  3. Wonderfully Summery pictures!