Saturday, 17 June 2017


I feel like I'm back from the dead right now.
Wheat is my downfall and I know that when I eat it it makes me ill, but eat it I do.
I get to a point where I feel so bad, no energy, no interest etc that I have to stop and give it all up.
Once this is done and after a few days I feel myself coming back to where I should be.
I accept that some people poo poo the idea that wheat / gluton can make you ill but take it from me it can.
Now all I have to do is keep clear of it, but it's not easy.
Anyway as you can see I feel like blogging and showing you the heart that I found the other day.

I began this heart in 2014, you can see the beginnings on a post dated 14th November ,   that long ago??
I actually put this in the bin once as I fell out of love with it but retrieved it and have finally finished it all bar the framing.

A row of diamonds from the pound shop, vintage heart from car boot, and bit of my tatting.

Ribbon roses

Another small piece of tatting plus pearls.

Couple of embroidered birds some more tatting and a vintage heart.


  1. That is truly beautiful! JanF

  2. I'm glad it was rescued - it looks lovely!
    Best wishes

  3. Gorgeous! I'm glad you retrieved it. Mmm, it can't be easy to avoid all gluten foods, even when you know they're not good for you. I'd be lost without a sandwich for lunch.

  4. It is gorgeous, and so beautifully detailed!!! I think my favorite part is the two birds with the heart. Indeed, wheat intolerance is called Celiac Sprue! It is a real malady, and I had a biopsy for it a few years ago. They can diagnose it by blood work first. Then if the blood looks suspicious, they go on to do a biopsy. I know a family where most of them have it. So you would need gluten free foods. Our grocery store has a few shelves of gluten free. But wheat and gluten is in everything, and it is almost impossible to avoid it! They are making more and more options though.

    1. Hi Ginny
      We have lots of Gluten and wheat free foods but to be honest they are not a patch on the real thing. I have tried so many times to make the bread and cakes but they just are not the same, the best thing for me is to not eat any of them. I know what to do but as you know pretty much everything contains wheat these days, no wonder we are becoming sensitive to it. The first thing that hits you in the shops is bread and cakes etc. The silly thing is that when I am not eating it I feel great but I have never had good will power when it comes to food and when you feel well you don't think that it will happen again.
      Thanks though for being your usual understanding self.
      God bless.

  5. I work with someone who has a gluten allergy. He says that he can't even be around certain things such as the breading we use for the chicken we fry. If he just breathes in the dust from it he has problems.
    That heart is really pretty.

  6. Hi Briony,I keep looking at your blog and love it.This Gluten allergy,is happening alot with people I am related to and neighbours.My Grandson has suffered for years now,even the hospital put it down to just drinking Coke.Now,i know,through reading other peoples blogs,at least how to make it a bit better!,Best wishes,Debi,Leic,xx

  7. My friend has a real problem with wheat! Be careful!! Love the heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You're right about the gluten, and that heart is stunning!

  9. was sure I had commented on this but looks like I didn`t, such a lovely piece so glad you retrived it from the bin. Gluton seems to be a problem with a lot of people not sure hoe I would manage without bread I would really struggle

  10. Nice to see you back Briony. As always I'm in awe of your handiwork - you put so much time and effort into each piece it would be a shame to turn your back on one. Taking a little time away and another look with fresh eyes is the answer to most problems :)

  11. It's beautiful!!! Love the little roses and all the other embellishments. Sometimes it just needs a break in order to find inspiration to finish.

  12. believe me, I know how food affects the body. I can eat wheat, but fats make my liver become enlarged. I get bad indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux.

    My husband can eat any thing. Not fair.

    I love the heart and the other projects. Was wondering what happened to you. I know it's hard to stay on a eating plan because I have to deal with it every time I put something in my mouth too.

    Take care,