Monday, 31 July 2017


Rupert is in the box this time with one paw casually thrown over the side for comfort. 


I am making a pin cushion in black velvet and need some help in taking the photographs.
I know some of you out there know a bit about photography.
How do I get a decent picture of black velvet? 
 they are all coming out looking faded.


  1. Well, one thing you can do is edit the picture after you have taken it. Make the color darker. That's all I know.

  2. I have the same answer as Ginny. I fix those things in an editing program.

  3. what a poser Rupert is! Sorry cannot help re the photos but seems you have some suggestions re editing though have no idea how to do that

  4. Hi. Yes, as above, use your editing programme. I use the basic Microsoft Office. I click on colour which enhances the colour. I use crop, cuts out the unwanted blank edges. Brightness, and contrast which sharpens the edges of the elements and enhances the difference between dark and light. I use these on every photo I post, that's why it takes me ages. Any other programmes are too technical for me.

  5. Rupert is so cute in the box. He almost fits!

    About the pictures- I usually start adjusting when I take the shot. Do you have a feature that turns the flash off and on? That makes a big difference. Also are there color filter choices- usually red, green and blue- that you can change and get better color on some things? If those things don't give me the effect that I want, then I edit afterward.
    Black things with texture are hard to photograph. I used to have to play with the effect when I took pictures of hooked rugs.
    Can't wait to see the results.

  6. Oh Rupert, you are a most handsome man cat. What a beautiful boy you are. I love your black and white furs and those gorgeous green eyes.

    sorry, I stink at photography.

  7. I agree with the others -- you'll probably need to edit your picture after you take it. The camera, because it's sensing a lot of black in the photo, will overexpose it, making it too light. So get into an editing program and darken the picture, but not so much that you lose all sense of texture. I'm not sure what kind of computer you use, but Apple has a built-in photo editing program that's not too hard to use for a newbie. Hope this helps! Why do cats love boxes so much?!

  8. Have you tried putting it on different backgrounds? That could also help.

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