Friday, 28 July 2017


Yesterday we changed our doctor. 
We haven't been very lucky with doctors lately.  Our old surgery was closed down, just like that, here today and gone tomorrow due to malpractice and so we had to quickly get another one,.
The one we chose was horrible, the decor was like something out of the victorian times and the doctor that we were placed with probably hadn't cracked his face in years.
Oh dear, there's nothing like a straight faced doctor to give me the willies.

 We stuck with them for a while but have decided to change to one down the road, much closer.
So, we went down to register.
Previously to this, in the morning Tom had discovered a large bruise on his arm and as he is on blood thinners he rang the helpline for advice.
Usual response,  'We have another patient on the line we will ring you back'.
They didn't.....
So when we got to register things were a bit fraught.
After filling in the reams of forms we were told to go to the corner and weigh ourselves and take a BP reading.
Whoops.....My BP was through the roof...
Tom had a letter this morning to say that they needed another reading as his BP was slightly elevated.

I'm just waiting for the van to take me away, because if his was slightly elevated mine is about to explode.

Good news is that we have a BP monitor at home and so we were able to check it when we were more relaxed and both were back to normal. 
Still, bet I'll get the letter, just waiting.


  1. Love the cartoon, but the surgeries sound awful no wonder you both have high blood pressure.

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. So none of this is about the new one that you just changed yesterday? I hope he will be the perfect doctor for both of you. Having a good doctor we can trust is priceless. I want a full report on the new one! Our beloved doctor is leaving, and I have been assigned to a new one. I hate it.

    1. No Ginny, the new surgery is okay, haven't met the dr yet but it was just the whoo haa of everything that got us both in a state. We're back to normal now thanks.

  3. We have just had to change our doctor as we've moved back to Devon from Wales and the new one seems okay, so far. I hated changing my doctor as the one we had in Wales was excellent, just like the old family doctor that there used to be. If I could have brought our previous doctor with us I would have. Nothing was too much trouble and he always had time for you and the surgery practice was just the same, receptionists, nurse, the local chemist, everyone was so kind and helpful. They will be missed by me.

    Joan (Devon)

  4. It's hard ro find a doctor you like. Hope this one works out. Love the cartoon, funny and so true

  5. I live in the US and trying to find a good doctor here that carries your insurance can be a bit of a nightmare, especially since many now do not take new patients. I hope the new one works well for you both.

    1. Hi e, it must be a nightmare having to deal with insurance. At the moment we are safe with the NHS but I can see a time drawing near when we will gradually change over to private. We've been lucky in our lifetime.

  6. do hope you settle with your new doctor, clever how a machine does the blood pressure without the help of a nurse, would not have a clue how to do that. I try and avoid the Dr but got a letter saying I have to have shingles injection as I am 70, not sure if it is necessary as I have had shingles in the past but suppose I will have to call in and enquire

  7. I wish we had a NHS. Here in the states the healthcare is in such a mess right now. We have no idea what the future will bring. Probably much higher insurance rates!
    I've been lucky to have the same nice lady doctor for the past many years. I pray all the time that she doesn't retire or go to another practice. Zip's doc recently died and now he's trying to find another that he likes. Not much to choose from. We supposedly have a shortage.
    So glad you got things sorted out and your blood pressure is down again after all the stressful dealings. Older people should not have to deal with these things!

  8. Oh, yikes! That is worrisome that your GP closed due to malpractice! I hope this new one proves acceptable and maybe a little more animated than your last, stone-faced doc.

  9. AMEN on that cartoon. I had a doctor that kept me waiting 2 and 3 hours. My BP would be thru the roof. I finally quit using him. He would make me so angry. I got paid by the hour and wasn't making much money way back then. And he never got my BP regulated either.

  10. I had the opposite problem. Every time I arrived, they would whizz me straight in to have my BP recorded. No time to relax after driving over and searching for a parking space. No wonder it recorded high each time. In the end, my doctor sent me home with a BP machine. Normal reading once I was home. Hope the new doctor works out.

  11. I live in the US and trying to find a good doctor here that carries your insurance can be a bit of a nightmare,