Thursday 31 August 2017


For a couple of days now I have been struggling to see the computer screen clearly. 
I was getting a bit worried that my eyes had deteriorated suddenly.
This morning I went on to the computer and picked up the glasses and had a light bulb moment.

These glasses are just not right lets get the pair from the kitchen that are exactly the same prescription and compare.
yes, you got it....they were different.

So, the question is whose glasses are these?
I rang Penny (daughter) and they are not hers, they are not Tom's and Tom (Grandson) doesn't wear glasses.
I can only think that maybe I have picked them up in the cafe thinking they were mine.  So, someone out there is wondering where their glases are. lol
I think I'll take them up to the cafe in case they have been asked for lost glasses. 

Phew, is all I can say, I thought my eyes had gone on the blink, (no pun intended)  lol


I'm so embarrassed but have gone ahead with the post as I can't stop laughing.

The glasses are mine.
The last time I had new glasses I was given a new reading prescription and that's what these are.
I very rarely use them as they don't seem right.  I can't use them for the computer (obviously) but they are okay for close work upstairs.
Somehow they have come downstairs onto the desk and I have got them mixed up.

This would never have happened once upon a time, I think I'm losing my marbles. lol
Good job I didn't take them to the store and leave them there. lol


  1. Oh, Briony, you are a hoot! Wish I was there to laugh with you! It really does sound like something I would have done!

  2. Hehe, I'm glad I'm not the only one who does things like that. Good job you didn't take them to the cafe you'd have to go back and fetch them back.

  3. You're not the only one who does that. I have old prescription glasses that are still usable as my eye tested only changed slightly but decided to have new glasses anyway just to have a change, so keep the others upstairs except I put them on then come downstairs then take them off and they seem to stay downstairs more times than up!

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    PS that little girl is my 3 year old grand-daughter who just loves to relax, when she's not at ballet swimming, or playing in the garden

  4. That gave me a chuckle with my morning coffee. I think your marbles are still intact. Maybe just rolling around a little...

  5. Ha ha, this made me laugh and believe me, you're not alone, I often do things like this.

  6. Doesn't matter where you are in the world there are like minded souls. One of them lives in my house 😊~ Cathy

  7. We have to laugh at ourselves. I do duh huh's all the time. And sadly, it's only getting worse. I hope you have a great weekend.

    Am out tomorrow, thru Monday for the Labor Day Holiday. It's raining here in Mississippi. And the we are getting strong rain gusts. Remnants of Hurricane Harvey.

  8. Oh my goodness, I'm glad you solved the mystery anyway! And provided us all with a chuckle.

  9. You are not

  10. On the blink, ha ha! So glad it all turned out well! I have a pair of bifocals, and another pair just for the computer. I know I would get them awfully mixed up, so I got very different frames for each one. One of them has a rough design on the earpieces, and the other is smooth. So all I have to do is reach up and feel!

  11. I'm glad you could laugh... it helps. We laugh a lot around here. At the moment, I put our laptop away when guests came a few weeks ago... and have forgotten where. We are still looking. Luckily we still have our desk top!

  12. That's funny and sounds like something I would do

  13. You have given me a chuckle this morning glad you realised they were yours after all I get so muddled sometimes these days and as for losing things well spend more time looking and not finding than doing anything else

  14. Dear Briony
    I can sympathise and yes, we all do things like that! Glasses are a nuisance, but a necessary one! I am always putting mine down and then not being able to find them again. I need mine for reading and all the hobbies I like too - all close work.
    Thanks for the giggle.
    Best wishes

  15. Sounds like we're working from the same script.... muddled is my middle name.

  16. Ha-ha! You were like Miss Marple - solving The Mystery of The Spectacles! It's a healthy trait when we can laugh at ourselves. Nobody's perfect.

  17. Ha! What a great story! I love that they're your own glasses and you didn't recognize them. :)

    I never wore glasses when I was younger and I never understood why people used to complain about them so much. Now that I need reading glasses, I get it! They're such a pain to keep track of!

  18. Yes, I understand your confusion. When I got a new pair of reading glasses I was advised by the optician to keep my old ones for the computer, so now if I use the new ones by mistake the computer screen isn't clear. Because I have balance problems I can't have bi-focals so have three pairs of glasses, the third being for distance which I wear all the time. Imagine the fun I have if I can't find the right pair.

    Joan (DevoN)

  19. It's a healthy trait when we can laugh at ourselves. Nobody's perfect.

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