Friday 25 August 2017


I finally found out how to take a fairly decent picture of the black velvet pin cushion that I am making.
I left it for a while as there was no point in carrying on if I could not take photo's of it.
Anyway, here it is so far.

I hunted around for a circular item about the right size an ended up with a cd.  As you can see I have traced around this with tailors chalk.

Once in the hoop I hand stitched the circle and added some for the seam, making a tenplate out of cardboard for use again.

I've then divided this up into 6 sections and started to make my ribbon roses.
As you can see one lot is coloured and the other two are white.
This is because I make them all in white satin ribbon and then colour them in afterwards with these.

They are permanent markers and do not flow onto the background when applied.
I have not tried ordinary felt tips, no sure if they would bleed.

As you can see if you enlarge, this means that you can make the tips of the roses slightly darker and the leaves more lifelike than plain ribbon.

Now I have three lots of roses nearly finished, I have added a few pearls inbetween and have the stems to finish.

Now, I am stuck as to what to put in the other 3 spaces. 
This may take a bit of pondering...


  1. Love your pincushion! I also have permanent ink markers for ribbon work.

    I'm sure you'll come up with something lovely to fill in the other three spaces.

    Have a great Friday and weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Are you sure you want to fill in the other three spaces? That is simply gorgeous! I've never done any ribbon work and would never have thought about magic markers. You are so crafty.

  3. I LOVE IT! BEAUTIFUL. You are so talented.
    Have a very good weekend.

  4. Lovely...and I empathize with you about the dentist since as a kid an Army dentist stuck a drill in me sans novocaine and left me screaming while my mother stood outside. When I emerged with a swollen face and in tears, she said that I got what I deserved. I don't think the dentist should be a trauma and luckily, my present one isn't.

  5. You know ALL the tricks, and are really a master at this!! Now, what to put in the other places? What about some tiny bees? Mainly black & yellow stripes with wings. Or maybe ladybugs. Both would be a challenge. So how did you figure out how to snap the black?

  6. how pretty the pro markers are new to me they work perfectly I am sure you will come up with the right things for the other 3 sections

  7. How pretty. Great idea using white ribbon and then coloring with markers. Can't wait to see what you add to the other spaces

  8. Wow, that's clever, making white roses and then colouring them. The pin cushion is going to be wonderfully sumptuous in black velvet.

  9. This is going to be great and I have done this before and felt tips do bleed just FYI ha ha ha this is lovely and at times when I tear away from tatting I love pincushions and have a pinterest page dedicated to this and looks like yours is going on it too this is lovely dear just love it!

  10. You are so organised - even planning the design placements (really love the roses!) I am very slapdash and never plan anything I do; I just hope it evolves!

  11. Can't wait to see what you add to the other spaces

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