Wednesday 23 August 2017


Today was check up day at the Dentist.

I don't know why but it's troubling to me now to visit the Dentist.  I used to not mind at all but again this age thing creeps in once more and I now dread it.
I've had a long run in with Dentists all of my life.  I think I was probably given good teeth to begin with but in the 50's dental practice wasn't like it is now.

First there was the School Dentist. For me this was a large German lady who scared the pants off me and ignored all my attention seeking methods like looking at her with a plea in my eye or making aaaaah noises.
 She would whirr around with the drill and it felt like she was going  through my jaw,  in those days injections were not plentiful like now.,

Then came the really nice Irish Dentist with a lovely soft lilt to his voice who thought it was a good idea to drill all of the fillings out and replace them each time I visited.
I was young in my 20's and a bit naive and did not twig that he was probably making a mint from all of these visits.

By the time I found a good Dentist the damage had been done but the new man put things right and gave me a couple of lovely Gold Crowns and a nice small denture with a couple of teeth on it made from titanium.

Here's my surgery today, not very busy as you can see.

The problem now is that when I had my crowns etc done in the 70's they cost me nothing.  
Today these procedures cost an arm and a leg and the small titanium denture can cost anything from £800 - £1,000.   Needles to say I'm hanging on to it for grim death as another is pretty much out of the question.

Anyway, all was fine today and another appointment has been booked for 6 months time. 
More tiny brushes were bought in order to preserve the gums and a big sigh of relief was heard all over Brighton. lol


  1. At the end of July I received an email reminding me of my dental visit scheduled for August, 30. Its 'only' for cleaning and a checkup, but I confess to harboring dread. Like you, I find some of my fear of the dentist goes back to the earliest visits--the hot, chugging drill, no novocaine for a painful procedure, etc. Of course the cost of anything beyond a basic cleaning is unthinkable!

  2. my crown that I got a year ago cost me 795.00 dollars. the cost is astronomical. even to get one pulled is $350.00.. had that done 4 years ago. I feel for you and I to feel the same way.

  3. my problem is I am a control freak, I can't stand to be held down, or arms around me holding me still or tight spaces. when I am with the drill in my mouth I am being controlled and it freaks me out

  4. I am not one for the dentist either. Bad experiences from the first visit when he let the drill slip and my lip was skinned in a spot. I think we could take a couple luxury around the world tours on what we have spent on DH's teeth.

  5. I'm not fond of the dentist either. But I still have my own teeth so a dentist is necessary to keep them.

    Love that little dog at the top of the page. Is it made out of yarn?

  6. I had to take a close look at the photo, I've never seen brushes like that before.

  7. Hi Jane, they are various sizes and you use them to get out debris from between the teeth, very effective.

  8. I remember the school dentist well. A grumpy old man used to come to the chapel next door. The room was dusty, there was a fire in the grate, he had a sausage dog, and I had to stand up while he dabbed some yellow stuff on my tooth and puled it out.

    My four teeth bridge cost me £800 a few years ago. I hope it lasts forever.

    1. Likewise Ilona. My dentist says he can repair if a tooth comes adrift, just hope he can.

  9. I have never been a fan of the dentist

  10. Dentists and me don't go together! I avoid them for as long as I can 😊

  11. I'm so glad it went well! A few years ago, I fell on my face in front of Target and knocked most of my two front teeth out. I have quite a few caps now. Back ten r twenty years ago, they cost about $300.00. Now they are over $800.00!! Plus my dentist now has a cap making machine in his office, so they can make you one while you wait.

  12. like you the fear of the dentist has got worse but fortunately being on pension credit it is free for me. I too have some teeth on a denture but mine is not titanium that I think i not available on the national health. Due to go soon and have lost a filing so no doubt that dreaded drill will have to be used.

  13. My dentist wants me to use those tiny brushes but I have resisted. I suppose I should look into it. I don't blame you for preserving all the dental work you can! I had a dentist when I was younger who (I think) needlessly drilled a few of my teeth. But overall I've done pretty well so far, knock on wood.

  14. Oh lady, I was just talking with a co-worker about the woes of my dental history. I've had the absolutely worse problems with dentists. So much that I might just let them all fall out before i go back again. I wonder how blender steak tastes?

    Sorry, you've had problems too.

  15. From what I've been told, the fear of the dentist is quite wide spread. Not sure what the reason is, but even getting my teeth cleaned makes me nervous. I guess in the past I've had some bad experiences. But our dentist now is a woman and she is very gentle... and I have to admit, she does a great job... so far she has done several things without causing any pain. But being retired, we have no dental insurance, so to avoid problems, we do take good care... with brushing, flossing, and even using the dental pics, etc.

  16. Due to go soon and have lost a filing so no doubt that dreaded drill will have to be used.

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