Tuesday, 3 October 2017


Today was such a beautiful sunny day, we decided not to waste it and to go for a walk.
Our daughter lives in Lancing just along the coast from Brighton and told us of a walk in the woods at the back of where she lived.
The first thing we saw was a bush with so many butterflies and bees on it, Ive never seen so many in one place before.  No idea what the bush is, maybe someone may know.

A beautiful Comma and a Red Admiral.

Here's tom on his way up to the top, a spray of GTN works wonders and enables him to walk easier.

A pretty little clover flower just hanging in there and a beautiful head of white (I know not what) looks like cow parsley.

Once at the top the view was worth the climb.
Below is Shoreham with the River Adur meandering along and Brighton in the distance.
If you look to the top left you can just make out the white chalk cliffs well in the distance, and of course the sea.

Here'a my man, he doesn't look too bad after the climb does he.  Luckily there is a bench at the top where we had a rest.  
All down hill back to the car and a lovely morning.


  1. What a spectacular view, I could make out the cliffs xx

  2. The flowers the butterflies are enjoying are from ivy (it is a marvellous plant for insects, when it is in the right place). There also look to be brambles/blackberries too. What a lovely day for a walk, and a lovely walk!
    Best wishes

  3. What a beautiful walk! I've seen that bushy ivy here in London too. And a comma this late in the season!

  4. I love seeing your husband! OHhhh, what a gorgeous view. and plenty of beauty along the way, too. What is GTN? Something for pain? I can use any help I can get!

    1. Hi Ginny, GTN is a spray that Tom has to carry with him. He uses it to help open his arteries to enable his heart to work better when he is walking up hills or stairs for instance, he has unstable angina. I don't think its any good for pain generally, lol sorry.

  5. Yet another place name that moved from England to New England--"Shoreham" was the next small Vermont town from where I grew up in "Orwell."
    What a lovely place for a walk!

  6. What a great way to spend the day. That's a pretty spectacular view

  7. That there ar this time of year yet so many butterflies -very nice!

  8. We have to make the most of the good days now, winter will soon be here and then fine days will be few and far between. What a lovely walk and a fabulous view.

  9. Great views Briony!,I only came back from Brighton on Tuesday night and had a brilliant time.Love the place.Never been to that part though.Is it part of what they call the Downs?,Debi,x

  10. I love watching the butterflies and bee's. That looked like a very nice place to walk and get out to some fresh air.

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