Thursday, 30 November 2017


I can't wait for the 1st December to open my first advent calender 'box'.

My Daughter has bought me a beauty advent calender from M&S with 24 different boxes each containing a beauty product.

I see that crafty guinea pig has got himself in the picture again, haha

After she had given me the gift she said that she felt bad for Tom and went out and bought him an advent calender .

Who do you think got the best deal?  lol
He has 24 bowls of different cereal.
Good job he likes them LOL


  1. Never too old for Advent Calendars. Love them both

    Julie xxxxx

  2. Both are super cute gifts. You'll both enjoy them.

  3. You could always do a swop x

  4. Those are both great advent calendars. How fun

  5. Cute, but I think I like the top one best. I haven't seen that one before.

  6. What a gift! This is the most beautiful advent calendar I have ever seen! A Kellogs advent calendar? Is there some cereal behind each day? The guinea pig! I adore him, he is so cute. He should be like the elf on the shelf, lurking everywhere and getting into everything.

  7. A cereal advent calendar! That is GENIUS! Kudos to whoever at Kellogg's came up with that one.

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  9. How nice! The advent calendars are a great gift. I think both of you got a good deal. Nothing better than eating and looking pretty! Ha-ha!
    My son always buys a chocolate one for himself. Since he is such a lover of candy, I don't know how he restrains himself from eating it all in the first week.
    I saw my doctor yesterday and she said that I am right on the borderline of being diabetic. If I watch my diet and get exercise, I may not need medication. I guess these things are long overdue. No more chocolate!
    Love that guinea pig!

  10. I got a Loccitane one for my 60th birthday and it was amazing. Loved it 15 months later and I'm still enjoying all the smellies.