Wednesday 17 January 2018


When your kitchen looks like this I think its a good excuse to go out for a meal don't you?

The painting is coming along nicely and looks really good.
I was unsure at first but now  I'm pleased.
We're only capable of doing a couple of hours a day (poor old things) lol and its knackering but we're getting there.
Today though I couldn't face cooking in this mess and so we went to our favourite eating place.  The Garden Centre.
Here you can get the pensioners, ahem, (older person's) 2 course meal with coffee for £8.50 and the 
 size of the meals are really good.

I had the lasagne and Tom had the enormous meat pie.
Apple pie and cheesecake for pud and we were full up.
Tomorrow we will do a little more and we should be finished for the weekend.

It just goes to show that we are capable of more than we think we are, and all done without any help from Penny.


  1. Looking great! Yes, of course, y'all deserve a meal out!

  2. It is so frustrating as you get older and you can't do the same.I get tired so easily these days.But well done you for doing the job.It is just a matter of pacing yourself.

  3. The meals look so good! You both need to eat out every day that you paint. It's looking good!

  4. Wow thats meal looks fantastic a great reward for all that painting 😄🌹😄

  5. Looking at the size of that pie, if it had been on my plate I think half of it would have come home in a doggie bag.

    We all like a a treat now and again and you and Tom certainly deserve it.😊
    Take care

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  7. Wow the walls looks great, and goes well with the floor

    Your meal looks yummy too

    Sorry had to delete original comment, it read wrong...... it read as if the meal went with the floor and it Certainly does not

    Julie xxxxxxx

  8. Looking really good. After all your hard work a meal out was just the ticket, no washing up too. I´m sure you will be delighted by the weekend and what does it matter if it took a little longer. All fresh and zinging xcx

  9. Yep, I say that's a good excuse. After all you wouldn't want to accidentally spill anything on all that stuff waiting to go back to it's rightful place.
    Very tasty looking meal too

  10. Good idea to go out to eat! That pop of orange is fabulous!

  11. Sometimes you just have to do it yourselves. I try to encourage Zip into thinking that we're not that old and we CAN do things if we take it slow and steady. I hate to depend on the kids for everything.
    Your meal looks yummy! We love to eat out but don/t do it as much as we used to. And it's nice to have leftovers to take home so there's another meal that I don't have to cook.

  12. The kitchen is looking amazing! I think you've chosen a really good color scheme. I'm impressed that you're painting it all yourselves. We've been wrangling with our landlord to get out kitchen and bath painted, and I'm beginning to think we should just do it ourselves. But I'm embarrassed to say we may hire painters.

    1. We asked Penny to do it as Tom is not in the best health but decided, do or die. We were surprised how easy it was, we used a small roller for the first time, so much easier than the big one's. Between the two of you it would only take a weekend.

  13. You certainly deserved a good meal out after all that work. Kitchen is looking good.

  14. You & your husband are a great team-and I love that dresser x

  15. I love the color! Can't wait to see to all finished...

  16. I think you earned your meal out! I did minimal cooking when we overhauled the pantry at Christmas time. I'm having to learn that tackling a job for a few hours, quitting before I'm exhausted, is the better part of reason.

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  18. Well done so far! Paints often have fancy names don't they? Red becomes "Blood Moon" and blue becomes "Mediterranean Dream". I guess your orange is actually called "Trump's Face"!