Saturday 27 January 2018


It's seems a while since I posted here but we have been quite busy one way or the other.
Tom has appointments coming out of his ears and we are seeing heart, lung and digestive consultants in their turn.
We've been for a couple of CT scans and other bits and pieces and we are now waiting to find out the results.
Really there is not a lot they can do but at least we may be able to pinpoint  a bit more clearly what the cause of the lung condition is.
The gall stones can't be dealt with until his heart has been checked and even then we are not sure if we will go ahead with surgery.  We seem to be able to keep things on an even keel with a fat free diet, the only problem there is that he is losing a lot of weight.
Anyway, we are trying to keep cheerful even if some days we are a bit down, we're only human, lol

A stair lift is shortly to be installed to help him to get up the stairs.  At the moment he is coping but is quite breathless when he gets to the top but no doubt in the future he will need it.
I'm quite happy about this as it means that I can use it to take the shopping up the stairs. lol

With all this going on I have been finding it difficult to get into my workroom, either because I'm too tired or because I haven't got the inclination, but yesterday I finally managed to do a couple of hours of needlework and felt all the better for it.

The lace is attached around the edge and the little birds are in place.
This page is now finished. That makes 4 pages done.
I'm now getting on with the caricature of myself and have free machined the image on the page.
Don't look too closely, I'm not an expert at this but I am happy with the outcome.

I think I'll put myself into an oval frame this time and I'm thinking lace and pearls.

The weather here was beautiful yesterday but today we are back to the gloom.
A nice latte and read of the paper later I think.
Have a good weekend all of you and thankyou for visiting.


  1. I love the 3D Poppies, they really set of the floral scene. And the caricature of yourself is brilliant.

  2. So sorry that Tom is facing these health issues in what should be his golden years.
    And I must say that I am chuffed to see the cartoon image being turned into a piece of embroidery! Well done Briony!

  3. I love the cartoon drawing and what you're doing with it. Good luck with the chair lift and best to you and Tom dealing with medical issues...How's the kitchen looking?

  4. Stair lifts are also very useful for getting wash baskets up and down stairs. We are currently on a 2 week loop of endless hospital visits so no time or inclination for little else

  5. I am glad you two are dealing with these life annoyances so well you are a good example to us all😊
    Now about your journal are you making a back side of the page? And i see the extra room on side I wonder are you going to make eyelets and put string or ribbon through I have attempted pages but haven't done final pages and putting it all together requires some thought and want to pick your brain😄

    1. As with most things I do, I put it together as I go and hope for the best. I usually have some idea in my head and yes, you are right, this is a left hand page that will be joined to the previous right hand page by stitching them together making one page, hope you can understand what I mean. lol
      Not sure yet how I will construct the book, just know it will be okay, lol fingers crossed.

  6. Lovelt things you made and love you make something you .. all the best for both of you,Greetings,Joan

  7. i can't wait to see the finished YOU... your work is amazing to me. thanks for the update, sorry you are both going through this and i pray the doctors will find a way to help, even without a cure, to make things better for daily life.. hang in there, lots of hugs and prayers coming your way.

  8. Medical issues are not easy to deal with, good luck to you both. You’ve done a great job, especially with the caricature, that’s really special!

  9. Lovely caricature transformed. It is important to have your me time and a creative salve for the worry. It will all be sorted. Good that you already have the stair lift. Fortunately here our bedroom is on the ground floor, tho there is an upstairs which the DP has a bedroom for respite! I have a three wheeled walker which helps me to walk further and have something to lean over and control my breathing when it is a struggle. x

  10. You have such an amazing talent for this, I just look at your creations in wonder! The bird and flower page is gorgeous!! I am so sorry about your husband, this is a tough way to acquire a stair lift. Please keep us informed as you get the test results.

  11. I'm moving how this journal is coming together. The poppy page is amazing and this latest one is going to be wonderful.
    Hoping things get easier with the doctors

  12. Thinking of you both and hoping all goes well for Tom.

  13. So sorry to hear about Tom's continuing health concerns. I hope you are able to further manage his condition once you get test results. Creating is good for the soul. Happy to see you working on your fabric book. Nothing about it should be perfect so just have fun with it.

  14. I think you did a terrific job transferring YP's portrait of you to fabric! And yes, a chair lift will have some fringe benefits. Hope all goes well for Tom!