Monday 26 February 2018


I've finally got around to doing a post.
It's been a trying 3 weeks since Tom had his surgery.  
The wound got infected and we have been going every other day to get it dealt with.
After the surgery he had an Ileus, this is when the bowel decides that after handling it will go to sleep so to speak, and so we have had to contend with getting that back to normal as well as him feeling very weak and not feeling like eating.
But today I feel like we have turned a corner.

Often the carer in these situations gets over looked but I can vouch that it is as wearing and as upsetting as the patient.

Anyways, my caricature patchwork is almost finished.

I raked through my box of bits and found some appropriate words and have embellished with a few beads and fancy stitiches.
As you can see in the bottom left I am now herring bone stitching some narrow ribbon all around the edge.
Then it will be the oval edges to finish, add a few charms  and I think it will be complete.

I have to ask here if anyone knows how to make a photograph tiny.
I'm no good at this technical stuff but I have an idea for the next page and I would like to make some of my cat photos into small cameo sizes.
I have an idea its to do with pixels etc but would like some advice.


  1. I'm so sorry he has been ill. I know it's hard on the care taker.
    I love your new patch block.

    Take care of yourself. Well wishes to Tom.

  2. So sorry he has been so ill after the surery and pray he is turning towards better now. I would just print a small photo and trim it with scissors. in my print i cam pick what size, i just tried it and there is one that is 3 x 5 or even smaller.

  3. Are you taking your camera to a shop for printing on a self service machine. If so most give you a choice of photo, I believe even passport size. You can print a collage too. Glad everything is getting better for you and hubby. Your page and caricature is brilliant.

  4. Glad you and your husband have turned a corner. Hope you both will feel better soon, in the meantime keep warm and cosy.

    Do you have Adobe on your computer?

    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Oh gosh, you have both been through so much. So glad to hear that Tom is on the upswing now. I would think to print a very small picture, then cut the face out. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. Hoping the corner has turned.xx

  7. So sorry you've both been having such a rough time. I always use my editing program to resize pictures before printing them

  8. It can be a long road to feeling better, with good days and bad days along the way, and it most certainly is hard on the caregiver as well as the patient. The physical tiredness is bad enough but the worry on top of it wears a person down. I hope things keep progressing in the right direction and that these days will soon be just a memory.

    I don't know much about pictures. It's all kind of trial and error here!

  9. Your new page is looking good. Love to you and Tom.

  10. Very glad for you both that things are looking up. Hugs from Florida.

  11. Love your work 💗 We go to drug stores and bring in pictures and people help reduce them for you. Also if you put pictures on a memory card and take it to print shop they can help you there as well😄

  12. I had to laugh at your "tiny picture" comment. I am very much a print culture person (pixels? I know what they are but why do I have to fuss with them?). Luckily, my adult daughter and I live together and she is sort of an idiot savant with the computer--joking, she's very bright--but so am I, and the freaking computer drives me crazy! However, in my experience, young computer geeks are delighted to help old ladies make things like tiny pictures if you can find a shop that makes prints and copies. And it isn't very costly.
    And Briony, I don't mean to overstep any boundaries, but I've found that it's helpful to try to focus on what you have now. You are living the meaning of love and caring, and it's almost impossibly difficult, but it's the only important thing, I think. So please don't feel that you have to reassure us.
    I do hope that you've turned a corner and things will be easier for awhile, for both you and Tom. And consider how you can let us all see your amazing patchwork pages that document your beautiful work--an e-book we can pay for and download? Right, neither of us knows how to do that, but a lot of other people do. Take care, Kate in Oregon

    1. Thankyou Kate for taking the time to write such a lovely comment. We have both found it so hard this time. Even though we have been through a lot of illness before none of it matches this where we had to consider that he may have died.
      As for e books, lol, now there's a thing for me to get my head around, but possible who knows.
      Do you have a blog, I can't find one. I have an email address if you want to let me know it.
      Today with have heavy snow and so more sewing is on the cards. Unusual for us, I can't remember the last time we had snow. The cats are fascinated.

    2. Briony, funnily enough, I haven't responded to your lovely response until now because I've been pretty frantically trying to get through a number of family crises. I'm only just absorbing the fact that we have our chins above water again.
      I don't have a blog, although my daughter thinks that's a good idea. We'll see. I would love to send you an email in a few days, when I have my wits about me again (I hope), because it feels like we have so much in common in our interests and outlook, and by damn, I wish I could just pop over for a cuppa and a good long talk. Anyway, thanks for also taking the time to respond me, and I do really want to see your book of stitchery. Figure it out! Best wishes, Kate

  13. Very glad to hear matters are turning the corner, hopefully now he can get better. Love your page and the crazy patchwork, xcx

  14. Do you have a snipping tool on your bottom bar? It's a red-edged oval with little blue scissors. You can use it to snip pictures. Or you could send chosen pictures to your son as e-mail attachments and ask him to make them smaller for you. I am pleased to hear that Tom has turned a corner in his recuperation. By the way the patchwork is looking great!

  15. Glad to hear things are looking up. Take care of yourself too!