Thursday, 29 March 2018


Another trip to A&E last night.
 We are both sick of visiting this hospital and want an end to it all.
Yesterday Tom went in early in the morning to have his Angiogram.   I picked him up around 2 o'clock and we went for a pub lunch.
After lunch he became very breathless and by the evening we decided to call the Cardiac ward.
We were told to call an ambulance in case of complications and were duly taken to the hospital.
If ever you thought that the media is exageratting the hospital crisis you would have had your minds changed last night.
We have visited this hospital many, many times but I have never seen it so bursting at the seams.
We were placed in a corridor along with another 5 people on trolleys and several people in wheelchairs.  There was just enough room for the staff to wheel people through and no beds in either the side A&E wards or the main wards in the hospital.
I cannot fault any of the staff, nurses or doctors but surely something has to be done by this Government to put the NHS back on its feet again.
Tom had all the tests and was sent home, but after an Angiogram and with his problems we were told that we did the correct thing to get him checked out.
Please....... let there be no more visits to hospital..we've had enough

 Remember me posting this back in September.
The tree outside the front of our house had to be cut down because it had dutch elm disease'

Well, a few nights ago there was a very bright flash outside in the street but we thought nothing of it.  Our power was still on and we left it there but it appears that the tree roots must have damaged a cable and taken the electricity out from out neighours house.

Nothing for it but to remove the tree trunk that was left and the roots.
Easier said than done.
That old tree wasn't going without a fight.
We've had men all day with diggers and various cutting tools and its still hanging in there at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. lol

I just hope they get it done soon as we've had a generator outside for a week giving the neighbour electricity and the racket it makes is horrible.


  1. So sorry to read about your husband's problems, but glad that he's ok....and I hope you don't have to visit again in the near future! My husband has had a new date for his angiogram - 9 April.

  2. Our local hospital was exactly the same last month when I visited A&E with my mum, not only were they using the A&E department but they'd taken over two other departments too as there were so many patients. They were actually being treated in the corridors. I heard one of the receptionists saying that she'd worked there fifteen years and this winter is the worst she'd ever seen it. I'm glad that Tom was okay but it's always better to be checked out to be on the safe side.

  3. Tom has been through so much! I hope his health improves for the summer. And this has to be so hard for you, too. you are both in my prayers. When I went to the hospital last week, all the E.R. rooms were full. They had beds lined up along the walls, and the hall had filled as well!So they were treating people in the waiting room. the waiting room people had I.V,'s and oxygen. Your E.R.' this because of the National Health? What is going on with it? The tree roots; I hope they are on public property so you do not have to pay a lot to have them removed.

  4. It's very scary what's going on in hospitals, it's enough to put people off getting anything checked out. I have my own theories about why it's happening, several reasons, and pray to God that I don't have to go in for anything. Getting my knockers squashed next week, I'll keep my fingers crossed that there is nothing untoward there. Best of luck to Tom. xxx

  5. I'm glad Tom was able to come home. That had to be scary. Hopefully, no more visits for awhile.

  6. generator noise makes me crazy, poor you with a sick husband and dealing with ER crowds plus this noise. we have had not one but three trees bigger than this one taken down in the past 8 years. 1200 dollars a pop and 2 days of NOISE... prayers for you hubby and your hospital crowding. i would have thought yours would be empty because there are so many from Canada down here in ours, there should be less up there. our ER is just like yours, the way you described it.

  7. I once spent the night in an emergency room, got in at 8 PM, seen at 4:30 AM, home at 6AM, so I empathize. I'm glad all is as well as it can be and sorry about the tree and generator.

  8. I know what you mean, last hospital stay for me all rooms were booked and they finally put me in intensive care. It isn't just hospital crowding. Most hospitals are going to private owned and not for profit has gone away. So if they aren't making any money and you don't have insurance watch out. Things are getting pretty scary when it comes to health care. Hope that tree is taken care of soon. Glad you are using your generator to help your neighbor. Hugs, lj

  9. I agree the NHS is struggling. It needs a huge injection of cash. I hope Tom gets sorted soon and the generator becomes redundant.

  10. Sorry to hear about the need for a hospital visit. That kind of crowding happens a lot here

  11. I hope too that it's the end of the hospital visits for a good long while.
    Sorry about the noise, I hope they get the problem solved soonest for your sake!

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  13. You poor things when it rains it pours as my mom would say. You two need the cat poster with the "hang in there baby" out just make sure you have a project bag to take with you to wait.

  14. Poor you two..........hope things settle soon

    Julie xxxxxxx

  15. I'm glad nothing serious was wrong with Tom, but the hospital trip sounds scary and frustrating. I agree completely about the NHS. The government has to come up with some more funding. I hope that generator vanishes quickly!

  16. I can SO empathize with the hospital visit. When my dad was in and out of hospital, it was sometimes as you describe. One time he was really ill and they were really busy, I stayed with him over 24 hours straight without a break or rest, and finally arranged for carers to come in eight hours a day so I could get some sleep and change clothes. That lasted three days until he could get placed in a ward with regular nursing care. It was madness. Our health care is a provincial responsibility and it's been going downhill rapidly. People are up in arms. I know for the most part the staff are doing their best but the politicians and bureaucrats are not doing their job. Rant over :)

    I hope things settle down for you and Tom, and I'm glad he checked out fine. Hope your neighbour's generator is gone by now!

  17. That's horrible. I'm sorry he's sick and sorry you had to stay there so long to get him seen to.