Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Yesterday was such a lovely day that we decided to have a go at a short walk.
Tom is feeling a lot better now but had not been out since being ill.
We were talking the other day and saying how many lovely places there are in Sussex and how we should get out there and see them.
Being ill and thinking its the end has the effect that you should really do things and not wait.
So we have decided that we shall try to visit some of these villages and places of interest when the weather is good.
Yesterday it was the village of Bramber.

The village high street has some really pretty, very old houses and here you can see the largest bit of the castle that is still standing beside the church.

The first house across from the car park had a very interesting garden. 
Someone had decorated the garden with lots of home made statues.
The centre picture is showing a snake and if you look you can see the head rearing up above the bush to the right.

The church is the only building left that was connected to the castle and has just managed to get enough donations to do some repairs to keep it in circulation.

Inside it was small but beautiful.
Every pew had a row of hand made tapestry hassocks for kneeling on the cold floor.
I noticed a wooden beam across the ceiling that I am assuming could be one of the originals, it was very worn and thin and was being supported .

Here's my brave man who tackled a bit of a hill puffing and panting but getting a good work out, lol
standing against the only large bit of castle that's left.
The walls of this castle were 1 Metre thick but the roundheads apparently were the one's who finally destroyed it.

We had such a lovely day after all of the worry and strain of the last few weeks and I hope that we shall be able to do more of this and explore more of Sussex this year.


  1. Yes, surely, an episode with one's health will make a person consider the import of things undone. Glad you had good weather.
    Thank you for the tour. Lovely old church. That garden with the hand made sculptures, very nice.

  2. I completely missed the snake. I was drooling over the mushrooms! I love them. Must make some now. I love their yard.

    Glad you and Tom got out and about.

  3. so much beauty, i am a little jealous of your walk. that garden is amazing and i love the toad stools.. i missed the snake, going back to look now... i love stone anthing, so all of this is beautiful to me

  4. Oh,so very lovely.Have a nice day,Joan

  5. It's great that you could enjoy a little get-away. I love that garden with all the eccentric statuary -- brilliant!

  6. Oh I love the toadstool things in that garden. I'm going to have to see if I can make one.

  7. I've read your blog with interest. I too am battling a life ending illness. Mine is cancer but the good folks at Stanford Medical have turned it around. I too am trying to do some of the things I should have done but never seemed to have the time before.

    Thanks for sharing with us, and the very best for you and Tom
    I am Tom too.

  8. I'm not a million miles away from Bramber. It's lovely [although darn I missed that garden when I visited] We went to St Mary's House which is charming, but not yet open for the season I suspect.

  9. What a lovely place. If he can get up that hill he is doing well, I couldnt!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful day out. That garden 8s quite fascinating. The church is very nice

  11. This would be my dream walk! I am so glad that Tom could do it, and enjoy it!! I love those beautiful mushroom statues, and old church is SO old. I am so glad you went inside so I could see. I think a small but beautiful church is really where God's heart is. How I wish I could walk through here, everything is amazing, like out of a fairy tale. I am looking forward to more.

  12. I love those old stone buildings. Glad there was a successful effort to save that beautiful little church. Hope to see many more posts of your travels. Horay for Tom feeling much better!

  13. What a lovely walk and glad Tom could manage it. Have just got you back on my list after seeing your comment on "Land of the Big Sky" (I lost them all a few weeks ago).

  14. Thank you for the tour. Glad Tom is feeling better.

  15. That was a beautiful journey and to think this is not far from your home wow a castle no one here can do that walk to a castle some people have castle looking structures built but there not real😉

  16. Very pretty, and a lot of history...You're right to get out and see what you can. Best to you both.

  17. I'm so happy to see that you two got out and did some exploring. Definitely do more of it! I love that so much history there is still preserved and intact.

  18. Beautiful spots! I'm glad your husband is doing well enough to get out and around a bit.