Monday, 5 March 2018


A few years ago I took a photo of one of the paths in our local park.
I put it into photo shop and changed the colour to purple.
This has been laying around for ages and so I thought it was a perfect candidate for the next page in my fabric journal.

Here is the photo, quite simple, and the embellished picture printed out onto fabric and embellished with bead etc.

 Now for the fun.
I have never used dissolvable film for embroidery before, but have bought some with the intention of making a background for these pictures with scraps, bits of lace, ribbons etc.

This one is called Avalon wash away film but there are others.
The idea is to scatter tiny bits of fabric, lace etc on a lightweight piece of fabric, lay the film on top and free stitch all over it.
When the film is washed away you have a new piece of fabric of your making in the colour way you want.
Could all go disastrously wrong but I hope not.
I can see me having lots of fun with this.

As you can see I've started snipping tiny bits of fabric into a box in the colours I think might go and raking through my boxes of threads.
This is a good reason never to throw any scraps of anything away. 
I certainly will put them in a box from now on.

While I'm here I might as well show you my new toy.

It's a mini hoover that runs off of a usb connection.
Ideal for hoovering up the cat hair on the desk, keyboard or piece of work.
I truly love my cats to bits but if I could change one thing about them it would be the fur.
I wonder if you can get cats like poodles that do not shed their coat, now that would be ideal. lol


  1. I can't wait to see the new page started, and that mini-hoover is a great idea!

  2. Wow, so clever! I need a little hoover like that, neat.

  3. Love everything and want it all :) fantastic! glad I dropped by :)

  4. This is sure a cute little vacuum; just perfect for your needs. You really have a huge talent for colors and patterns. Changing this picture to purple is gorgeous!! It might not have worked in any other color, so I don't know how you thought of this. I hope the film works out. I am amazed at what you think up and can't wait to see it in progress.

  5. i have never seen a photo printed, changed or any of this. it is all amazing to me... it will be gorgeous in your book and all the fun creating it.

  6. You need Sphynx cats Briony. They are hairless. Go here:-

  7. The purple picture is lovely. I have to go over my work with sellotape when I have finished it, to remove the cat hairs.

  8. What a wonderful idea for your next page. I've done the printing pictures on fabric before. The making new fabric from scraps sounds like fun. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  9. That will be a great-looking page! I have heard of non-shedding cats, but I think they're the hairless ones -- which don't quite look like cats!

  10. That is going to be a beautiful page. Such creativity!
    I see that several people have mentioned the sphinx cats as being non-shedders due to their lack of hair. Also the rex breeds have very short, curly hair that keeps shedding to a minimum. There are peterbalds too that have very short velvety hair. Check out the groups for all of these breeds on Facebook. Some of them are really cute, but expensive.

  11. I love it. Now, I'm wondering how you print a page onto fabric? Neat idea.

  12. What beautiful colours! I like the concept of the washable film to use scraps. I've often looked at small fabric scraps and even threads picked out of seams and thought the colours look nice; what a shame to waste them. The process you've described would make good use of them for sure.

  13. Love your stitchery, just my colours, have fun with the scraps xcx