Tuesday, 6 March 2018


As I mentioned the other day, I am having a play with dissolving fabric to use up scraps.
Here's the result so far.

I've used muslin because I don't want it to be too thick.
As you can see I've roughly layered small scraps of fabic.

cover with a layer of dissolving fabric and pin in place

Free machine all over covering as much as possible to keep it all together.
I used gold thread on top and a dark cotton on the bobbin.

Wash thoroughly in cold water to remove film.
Leave to dry and use.
I am hoping that this will make a good background for my altered park photo.


  1. it looks like it will be perfect. can't wait to see what it looks like finished. i have heard the word laudraette before, and that is the one thing good about them, is doing several loads in 30 minutes, that at home would take all morning... good you can hang them out.

  2. Me likes dissolving fabric :) what fun fun fun!

  3. Very interesting. Didn't know there was such a thin as dissolving fabric.

  4. Ooh, this looks like a lot of fun! The finished product is really pretty too.
    Best wishes

  5. These colors! So beautiful. I can almost smell the lavender. This would make such a pretty little wall hanging.

  6. I use a sheer fabric as a topping as dissolvable is expensive. It holds those tiny bits in place.

  7. Interesting technique! I've never seen this done before. I'm glad you showed us how it works!

  8. Oh that is quite interesting. That will make a good background, unique and pretty

  9. Interesting experiment. Like minimiser I have used sheer fabric to do this. The workshop that I was going to do on Saturday was for free motion stitching onto dissolvable fabric. Slightly different to this, as there is no backing and no scraps. All that is left is the stitching. I might get to do it at a later date.

    1. Found out today that the workshop is not going to go ahead. Very disappointed.

  10. I'm loving the step by step instructions. Looking good so far :)

  11. Brilliant, I have done something similar using Romeo, great fun, I used tiny pieces then made them into gift tags xcx