Wednesday, 11 April 2018


I've been in for loads of competitions in my time but never won more that a book.
Above is Matt our youngest son who has just won the latest brand new iphone,
He couldn't believe it when he got the text but here he is posing for the Camera.

So, maybe I'll start seeking those comps out now, lol


  1. What a PRIZE! Hoe did he win it, a contest of some kind? He is very handsome!

  2. I am with you on never winning, but then i don't enter things because i never win.... congrats and I am jealous. will he give you his old phone?

  3. My old phones just died, can I have his old one? Nice prize to win, bet he is chuffed!

  4. How lovely! (And on a different topic, he looks very like you :))

  5. What a nice prize. I've never had an iPhone or iPad,

  6. Great news and fantastic prize.

  7. Wow tell him Congratulations! it is a big deal and so happy for him!

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  9. What did Matt have to do tow win that phone? Was it one of those dumb questions? You know the kind I mean.
    What do you need to make scrambled eggs?
    a) potatoes
    b) chocolate
    c) eggs
    Anyway, it doesn't matter. Very good news!

    1. He simply had to give them his name and email. It is unbelievable. The worst part was
      looking like a wally for the photo's, he's quite shy.

  10. im a chronic enterer of competitions , i have a bad twitter and facebook habit when im bored or cant sleep , i win little bits , the odd book , crafty stuff etc and maybe once a year something a little bigger , i rarely do electronics, phones or makeup and im known for my hatred of smelly

  11. Yay, Matt! Hope he makes lots of phone calls to Mom and Dad.

  12. Wow, well done to Matt, that's a fabulous prize to win. I often wonder if these competitions are genuine as you never seem to know anyone who wins them, but now we know.