Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Rupert has taken to loving up to my elegant bootie slippers.
Gone are the dayw when I wander about in wedge fluffy slippers. lol
These days I need warmth and who cares what they look like,.

I've finished the sampler page for the fabric journal and enjoyed doing this so much I'm going to make another page.
It's nice and easy to work on in the evening.

The weather here is dismal, low cloud and intermittent rain so we are going to meet out youngest son and grand daughter today for lunch, that should cheer the day up.


  1. The weather is absolutely awful. Where is the sun? The sampler is amazing, Im do jealous of clever people like you.

  2. Love the sampler page!
    Some of our kitties have had a 'shoe fetish'. They liked to sleep with their heads inside shoes. Ha-ha! Cats have the strangest ideas.
    Weather here on the east coast of the US is not very spring-like yet. We had a dusting of snow overnight. Come on, we need some WARM weather!

  3. I love your sampler page, and have a book that looks just like your page, on the front cover. ❤🌹❤
    I'm over the pond and we have been having odd weather it warms up some days and freezing the next. It's doing a number on the poor plants.

  4. I love the sampler and like all the stitches and choose the shades of blue and the green/red next to it as my favorites. great idea and it is good for your brain excerise to. sweet Rupert wants to get in that slipper and had to choose ON it.

  5. I love the sampler page! We're having the same weather. We were just saying this morning, doesn't it seem ridiculously cold and wet for this time of year? When is spring coming?!

  6. Such a creative sampler. Love it.

  7. It's a beautiful sampler page - I look forward to seeing the next one. Oh the weather - when will we get some Spring sunshine?
    Best wishes

  8. The sampler is lovely. I remember doing something like that at school, with very simple stitches. cross stitch, running stitch, etc, ha ha. The weather here is like a London fog, or should that be smog, very weird

    1. I can remember doing some at school as well,infact I think my Mam still has some of them...I was 9 when i done them,Im 62 now,lol.Blanket stitch and arrow stitch aswell,xx

  9. I would wear slippers like that. They look very comfy. Love the sampler. Your stitches are so even and perfect looking

  10. It is dismal here as well...Your slippers look so comfortable, it is no wonder cats gravitate to them, and I love the sampler. Best to you and Tom.

  11. I hope you had a great lunch! Rupert is truly showing his love for you. Gorgeous page, as usual. The older I get, the more I appreciate comfort.

  12. One of our cats loves footwear of all kinds! Boots, shoes, sandals, slippers - she's not fussy :)

    Your stitches are so fine and even. A lovely piece for your book.

  13. I know cats love slippers...