Thursday, 5 April 2018


Remember this? I was going to make a page for my journal with it.
Well, things didn't turn out how I wanted them to and so for now its on the scrap heap.
I may come back to it later, I often do and have another go.

In the meantime, I'm working on my sampler stitch page in the evenings and am going to use an embroidery I worked way back in 1983 of a greenfinch to start another page.

 This has been in a frame all these years.
 I know that I worked this in 1983 as I wrote on the cardboard backing just in case someone in the future were to find it.

I know myself that I often wonder who made things when I find them in charity shops or car boots.
Notice the name....Brenda...this is my real name and I hate it and so always use the name of Briony.

 I've started to collect the various suitable colour fabrics and have some idea of how I'm going to make this one.

And look who I have for company.
He's just seen me upstairs in the workroom and has managed to perch on the windowsill.
He's pecking furiously on the window, hope its strong enough.


  1. That piece of embroidery is lovely. Perhaps make a pocket with some fabric and carefully cut round the writing and tuck it into the pocket, and have ribbons or a button to close the pocket to make sure the writing does not get lost

    You have really inspire me to do the same with my pieces of work, and some that my mother did too.

    Julie xxxxx

  2. Looks like a spoiled bird l love its great idea to place a little story in it, I too wonder about items I find.

  3. OMG! The gull is actually looking for you and demanding attention (food!) LOL! They sure are smart, aren't they?
    Love that you signed the back of your work. That's such a good idea. The little bird is lovely.
    I wonder sometimes when I made a certain piece, but have not bothered to sign it anywhere. There are also the pieces that I've made that I wonder what happened to them and have no clue as to where they went.

    Glad you and Tom are doing well right now. His needle point piece is amazing. You are both so talented!

  4. i really like your golden bird, so beautiful and a good idea to write on the back, so many treasures and no one knows who made them. Is Briony your middle name? or just one you chose. my family calls me Samar, because i hate my middle name and did not like Sandra when i was younger. now Sandra NOT Sandy i like but Sam or Samar stuck. people look at me strange when bob says Samar come look at this. i also had my name on my Social Security card changed to Sandra M. which stands from my maiden name and not the name mother gave me. you are both so talented

  5. Beautiful embroidery! Seems you have almost always been talented!

  6. Oh my gosh! I wonder what this bird would even do if you let him in? And more to the point, what does he see that he wants? Keep me informed what happens! I do think Briony is a gorgeous name, like a medieval princess. Your Goldfinch is gorgeous, and so detailed! Those photos you had chosen would seem impossible to make anything from. However, if anyone could do it, it would be YOU.

  7. Your bird embroidery is incredibly detailed and realistic - beautiful! That gull isn't a bit shy, is he/she? :)

  8. I often start things and then don't like the way they are turning out. The stitched bird is very nice. Great idea of writing that information on that cardboard. That gull is rather bold going right to the window Luke that

  9. I wonder if the gull has seen your goldfinch x

  10. Christ Brenda...sorry, Briony, that seagull looks like he's been watching Hitchcock's "The Birds"!

    I loved the writing on the back of your cardboard backing. A moment in time when you were thirty six. It must bring back so many memories.

  11. Beautiful embroidery but rather a scary looking gull xcx

  12. That gull is training you! Just like my cats have me trained.

  13. Your needlework is absolutely lovely.

  14. Well hello there Mr. Seagull. :) I can see those fabrics you've chosen match your bird embroidery beautifully. That's a great idea to write a little bio on the back of framed pieces. Never know where our things will wind up in the future. That' for sure.

  15. I love the greenfinch embroidery! I'm always curious about the "provenance" of things in thrift stores, too -- a note like that would definitely add to the needlework's value and give it some context. I guess now that it's going in the book the note is no longer necessary. :)