Saturday 2 June 2018


I have finally shifted myself out of the glums to do a post and get on with more of my fabric journal.

A few weeks / months ago ( who knows the time goes so quickly) I bought this belly dancing thingy at the car boot. 
I think you tie it around the hips and it jingles as you dance.  I haven't tried it myself, probably because it wouldn't go aroung my hips, lol
Anyway, the reason for buying it was not to entertain Tom but for the coins and beads, loads of them.
It's been in with the other load of junk goodies until now, I just knew that it would come in handy.

Remember the first lot of shi sha that I worked a while ago, well, I thought I would make a page of it and the coins look good surrounding it.
I haven't stitched them on yet just placed them to see if they were going to fit.

 I have also almost completed the daisy shisha flowers on another page.
I am going to fill in between the flowers with beads and sequins I think, but don't hold me to it because I am known to change my mind. lol

In the meantime, Princess is still stomping around on her glitter leg.
We have to take her back next Friday, that will be 5 weeks since she has had the cast on.
Here's hoping that it will not be much longer.
She's a changed cat, so fed up and missing her feistiness.


  1. You hadn't made a blogpost for a couple of weeks so it's nice to see you back Briony. By now I thought that Princess would have been back to normal but hopefully all will be okay after her next visit to the vet. "That will be 1,327 guineas please Mrs Cater...Does your bottom jaw always hang down like that?"

  2. poor Princess, that is a long time for a cast and I know she will be glad when it is off. all of your work is wonderdful as always. love the belly dancer shaky thingy.... and a great idea to recycle.. it might fit around my THIGH

  3. Love the shisha work, very colourful and a lovely way to use the belly dancer thingy xcx

  4. Oh gee, I thought you were going to show us some belly dancing! But I love what you’ve done with the bits of the costume. And the daisies are spectacular. I hope the cast is off soon and poor Princess can cheer up.

  5. The Shisha work if lovely. I love the mirrors and beads.

  6. Poor Princess, but the time is almost up and she will bounce back once she is more mobile. They break our hearts, though, don't they?

    I buy unusual items and garments at the thrift store just for the trims they provide, too - lol That one was a real haul; just look at all the things on it! I like how you have used the coins. Your shisha is beautiful.

  7. Poor Princess!!! You gave me a good laugh about entertaining Tom with the belly dancing thing! Everything you make is so beautiful!!! And your idea for the coins is super!

  8. Are you sure that you aren't belly dancing in clubs....:-) Both Tony and I love that piece of Shisha embroidery. It reminds of lillies on a pond

  9. I bet Tom is disappointed that you won't be entertaining him with your That is going to look fantastic on that journal page though. They are looking really pretty.

  10. Your comment...not to entertain Tom...made me laugh!!,Oh,I know that feeling,lol.I so hope that Princess can get back to normal soon.Its heartbreaking to see your babies,not being able to run around.But i hope this next visit to the vets will be able to free her of it.xx

  11. That hisha work is lovely and the coins are ideal. Hope Princess gets the cast off soon.

  12. hahaha, I have a couple of those for my wanting to learn how to belly dance phase.
    The coins look great on your shi sha.