Sunday, 26 August 2018


For many, many years now we have been up with the lark on a Sunday and out to a car boot sale, in fact some times we went to more than one in the same day.
Now, sadly we are just about able to waddle around the one and even that is getting tiring, but we will keep going as long as we can because there are bargains to be had and we love it.
Today I had a great find.

52 new, large reels of cotton for just £4.00
Now, if you know how much a reel of cotton is you'll know that this is a bargain.
I reckon one reel would cost anything from £1.50
When I do patchwork I use miles of cotton and you can never have enough, needless to say I'm really pleased with these.

How about this then.  A book for Bo, or rather Penny to teach him a few tricks. lol
50p worth of fun.

One beetle finished, just the sides of the page to fill now and another page is done.

Pouring with rain here at the moment and just hoping that tomorrow will be better.


  1. Which beetle is that? Looks like Ringo to me. There's gold coming out of his bum.

  2. Your beetle is amazing! And it does look like one of those real metallic beetles. I wish we had these car boot sales! I never heard of them until you. It sounds like so much fun! Even better than a yard sale!

  3. That beetle looks just like he should! Thank you for your comment on my blog about how you did the bee wings. You do such lovely work.

    I know how much thread costs here; I'd be thrilled with that bargain too! I expect Bo will enjoy learning some tricks. Dogs (and cats) get bored just like we do.

  4. Fantastic find with the threads. I would have bought them at that price.

  5. That was a great bargain. I enjoy going to things like that but don't often get to go your beetle looks great

  6. the beetle is adorable.. I only use thread for sewing a button on when it falls off, a few years ago I went looking for a spool that matched the blouse button... I nearly fainted when I saw what used to be 10 cents a spool was up in the 3 dollar range... so that is really a deal and you use it all the time..

    1. Me too, it's been decades since I needed to buy thread but I used up the last of my beige the other day. Spools in my stash are marked 20 cents but I paid $3 at the fabric store for the new one. I do only small item hand sewing so I am thinking it would be cheaper to buy embroidery thread and divide it into strands. JanF

  7. That beetle is looking gorgeous!
    The threads were a bargain. I am sure you'll check them before you start using them as threads can become a bit fragile over time. (Sorry, I don't want to sound like a prophet of doom!) I was given some beautiful coloured threads which were useless for sewing - they kept breaking. However, they would have looked wonderful as a display.
    Best wishes

  8. What a bargain, thread is so expensive now. Love your beetle, very colourful xcx

  9. Good deal on the thread. The beetle is gorgeous!

  10. Excellent finds! I love a good boot sale (or yard/garage sale, as we call them in the states). The beetle looks great!

  11. OOOOOH that beetle would make a gorgeous brooch

  12. Good find! Love that beetle, he’s splendid.

  13. Oh my, I don't know which I like better the bee or the beetle. Both are just beautiful.

  14. Beautiful work Briony!,I love all of it!,I never get the chance to do carboots where you live,cause I have never stayed there on a Saturday night,cause the hotel where we stay are too expensive at the weekend.I only get chance to stay there between Sun to Fri afternoons.You have got a good bargain there!,xx

  15. here we call them garage sales, yard sales, etc. and I will waddle around them as long as I can walk because we love them

    good finds

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