Wednesday 17 October 2018


The clear out is gone and the landing is empty, I feel good about getting rid of it and can now concentrate on my needlework without all that wool taunting me into thinking that I should be using it.
I've worked another row on the sampler page for the journal, this time feathers.
Now to work out the next row.

Thankyou for all of your comments on the jigsaws and let me say that if you fancy doing on yourself you will not regret it.
The time flies past and you have a sense of achievement when its finished plus you have been using all of your cognitive skills and we all need to keep those going don't we. lol 

Last Friday we trolled along to the Hospital to get Tom's cataract done.
People moan about the NHS and I can see why in lots of instances but mostly we have no complaints.
We arrived at 12noon and were done with by 3 o'clock. 
Today is Wednesday and his eye is wonderful, no blurring and much better vision. 
The actual op took only about 15 minutes and was painless.
Just drops for 4 weeks and that's that done with.

I badly need my glasses changing but can't find any that I like.
Does anyone else find that all of the glasses look the same in the opticions, same shape and not many colours.
This puts me off plus the fact that I feel that you don't get enough time to make sure the prescription is okay.
They keep putting the various lense in and in my case I feel that I need longer to get it right.

Well that's another rambling post, better than nothing. lol


  1. The sampler page is looking great! The feathers are very pretty x

  2. I never fail to be impressed by your stitching, Briony. Good to hear Tom's cataracts have been dealt with successfully.

  3. Good to hear your hubby got on well with his cataract surgery. It really is a miracle operation, isn't it? I expect he is relieved to be done with it, even though it's not too bad an experience.

    I am in the market for new glasses also. I dread it! I find the frames tend to follow the trends, which change again well before I am due for new ones once more. Who can afford new glasses every second year? Maybe that's just me because my prescription is so wonky. But our optometrist is very good about giving lots of time for choices. I just say "could I see those again" and he is very patient. Maybe you need a new guy/gal?

    Your feathers are gorgeous! Your work is so lovely and neat.

  4. glad the cataract is over with. I am still doing the no frame glasses and have for about 15 plus years. I never go with the trend or style. I wear what feels light on my face and lets me see well and what I think looks best on my old face.... I tried on until my head hurt and did not like any of them, so stayed with the same style.

  5. Beautiful needlework as usual! I'm glad that cataract is gone! I've heard people say it's really a transformative experience to get rid of a cataract -- vision gets SO much better and more colorful.

  6. I go for the teenage range every time! Cheaper. More funky. Ace. Glad he has had his cataract op. Amazing difference. Thank goodness something on this old carcass was fixable.

  7. Pleased to hear that the cataract op was a success and best wishes to Tom.I always tell my Hubby about Tom,cause my Hubby saw him on his scooter,The pic on your blog a while back, and saw what a trendy guy he looked,so my Hubby dont mind so much going in a hired one when we are in Brighton now!Lovely needlework as well Briony!,xx

  8. Yes, I find it hard to buy a new pair of frames that make my face look good! Then when you try on each pair, you don't have your own glasses on, and can hardly see how you look! I am glad the surgery went well! I have had both of my cataracts done. Your feathers are beautiful and you have outdone yourself!! They are so dainty and beautiful!! They are my favorite of the three designs!

  9. If you search for pictures of Dame Edna Everage I am sure you find some great ideas for your new glasses. I am pleased that Tom's cataract operation went so smoothly.

  10. Love the look of those feathers.
    Glad to hear all went well with Tom's cataract surgery. It's been way too long since I've had my eyes checked and I need to do it. Last time I got new glasses I had a really hard time finding frames I liked

  11. This is beautiful and now your husband can enjoy all of the colors and shapes! How are all the animals?

  12. I had cataracts removed 4 years ago. I found the 'prep'more troublesome than the actual procedure. As my vision cleared it was wonderful to realize I was seeing colors accurately once more.

  13. It feels good to get rid of clutter. I'm glad Tom's eye is doing so well. The needlepoint is so beautiful.

  14. I really like your new decorative designs! it's beautiful so much and good idea on site.