Sunday 11 November 2018


I have nearly finished the sampler page for the journal and will show you shortly.
In the meantime I have an idea for the next page.
I found a free outline of a cat head that is actually used for adult colouring but thought it would look good embroidered.

I've got out the light box and am transferring it to my linen.
All being well it will look fabulous but as with everything I do it isn't planned and will be stitched as I go.

As always I'm being monitored by the masters of this house.
Polly and Rowan watching from the table. Willow and Princess on the carpet.

They have all just had the flea treatment and so we are not in their good books, lol
I think they must smell it once you pierce the lid on the little tube because they are off as soon as they see it.
If I try to creep up on one the others sniff out that something is going on and hide, lol
But all done now, so lets hope there will be less lumps of fur all over the carpets waiting for us each morning.


  1. we had the same thing with 3 dogs that we had to put it on, but then we went with the pills by mouth and it was easier but is breaking the bank... what a great idea for the cats head. can't wait to see what you do with it

  2. Love how the cats are watching you. I look forward to seeing the sampler page.

  3. You remind me that I used to spend hours with a flea comb when grooming our cats. Like my grandmother, I was able to feel the little b*******s moving under the fur.

  4. What a good idea to use the light box for this. The cat looks intricate, but for you, it will be a breeze! I like that big box of thread, it would be just as much fun to go through as a button box! So do the cats really shed less after a flea treatments? I'm thinking you don't ever let them out, so they would have no fleas?

  5. That cats head is going to be amazing, I know it is. Look at all that thread you have, drool drool.

  6. What a great idea to use the coloring page as an embroidery pattern. Can't wait to see this one

  7. THANK YOU! I love the idea of transferring the pattern via a light box. We have one. Thank you again!!!