Thursday, 13 December 2018


Our kettle recently started to leak, we haven't had it that long but as nothing seems to be made to last we binned it and decided to buy another one.

In the past we've bought kettles of various prices and found that no matter how much you pay non of them seem to last any longer than the other.

We found a nice red one on Argos and as I like my bright colours we bought it.

Here it is, Cookworks £12.99

We bought it home and boiled water in it a couple of times to remove any newness from it then made our first cup of tea.
UGHHHHHHH,  It  tasted of plastic.
On to Google to see what to do.
It would seem that its a common thing as lots of people had posted the same problem.
One remedy was to use bicarb to remove the smell/taste, it did not work.
We tried boiling it a lot more times but no, still plastic tasting tea.
So we bit the bullet and bought another one made of glass like our last one.

Ahh, a decent cup of tea at last.
Now, what to do with the red one.  
I think Argos are funny about replacements if they have been used, I've had dealings with them before so it would probably mean contacting the manufacturers.
Can I be bothered? 
As I like to be hassle free I don't think I will.

Anyone else had the same problem?


  1. If you still have the reciept,take it back to Argos because it clearly is faulty.They should give you a full refund...tell them to go and try it if they dont believe you!.I certainly would take it back.They shouldnt expect you to send it to the manufacturers either!.You did the contract with them so it is up to them to refund you.xx

  2. Yes, take it back, with the receipt if you have it. If they won't give you a refund plonk it on the counter and say stick it, and walk out. At least you will get some pleasure out of that.

  3. We had a plastic kettle at one time and there was no taste that I can recall, but perhaps it depends on the make. How disappointing. I'm with you, though, I'd just as soon forget the whole thing and chalk it up to experience if it's going to raise my blood pressure to try and get my money back!

    1. Jenny, we have had plenty of plastic kettles in the past and never experienced this horrible plastic taste, it must be the type of plastic.

  4. Yep, I would take it back. Can't use something that makes your tea taste awful.

  5. Take it back. Your contract is with Argos under the Sale of Goods Act. If noone takes these back how are they to know there is a problem. If they wont do anything tell them you are going to Trading Standards.

  6. I had this problem a few years ago. Spoke to the manufacturer who said the taste would go - it did eventually but took a long time. A few years later late husband (with dementia) put it on a woodburner to heat and then blamed me when it melted LOL. Have since gone back to Stainless Steel.

    Even after 53 years it still seems odd having Christmas in summer.

  7. Well, I am glad that you finally found one you like. I had no idea it is so hard to get a good one that will last! hopefully this new one will. I have to say we make all our coffee and tea in a Keurig machine!

  8. We had the same problem, it was horrible, but it did go after a couple of days.

  9. Oh yuk, plastic tea doesnt sound very nice. Opportune post though as my daughter needs to get a new kettle so will pass this on so at least she is warned to smell it first! xcx

  10. Wow I'm impressed looks like you've moved up in the world!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  11. I will join the Take It Back votes, since that is what I always do. most stores want satisfied customers and no problem with returning things. I would not want boiling water in any kind of plastic. they warn us not to put hot food in plastic or use it in microwave, glad you bought the glass one

  12. Urk... plastic taste? I dislike that very much :(

  13. Ugh! You could let the manufacturer know what happened, because they have a real quality control problem and they should be aware of it. They might even offer to refund your money, even if Argos won't take back the kettle. It's worth writing them. We have a Kenwood kettle that (I think) came from John Lewis and we like it a lot. We've had it for years.

  14. Definitely take it back. I think Argos are pretty good about returns. X

  15. I'm glad you got your money back on the stinky one.