Thursday 14 February 2019


Thankyou to all of you lovely bloggers who have asked if we are okay.

Last year was a bit of an 'Annus horriblis' for us, finding out that Tom had his lung disease and that there wasn't a cure, it takes a bit of coming to terms with.
We've both talked and talked and shed a few tears but finally we have decided that non of us know when we are departing this world and so have decided to get on with each day.

I think the worry and stress of this has probably been part of the problem with my being not well.
I've had the virus that so many people have had and it has taken a month to feel okay, I still have the funny throat but it's gradually clearing and I am feeling much better in myself.

I did go to the doctor at one point and asked him how long it might continue for and was given the answer 'How long is a piece of string'  Ahem, not very helpful, must remember not to see this doctor again. lol

Will start blogging again soon, promise.

In the meantime, look how he's grown.
Bo posing on the sofa.


  1. Hugs. You and I both with the Annus Horriblis. As you say take each day as it comes and try and forget the bad. Easier said than done I know. Stay strong. Someone said to me once always have something to do so you don't think. It does work!

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. I'm fighting cancer, I'm not terribly sick so it's not that difficult. My friend Ray has been diagnosed as having lung disease, just like your Tom. A real struggle for him. Last weekend he was very depressed when he came here for dinner. He said that the Dr told him he was going to die from this probably within a couple of years. I asked him to ask his doctor if he could be more specific. If he was able to say 2 years than perhaps he could narrow it down a specific Month? Week? Hour?
    You very right, our time is known only to those forces that are beyond this level of consciousness. They told me I had 2 years to live and that was around 10 years ago. Just saying, neither I nor they nor anyone knows.
    Many hugs to you and Tom.
    I hope he is not terribly uncomfortable.

    I check your blog everyday...thanks for the effort.


    Tom also

  3. LOVE the photo of Bo. so precious. I think you are right about the stress making the virus worse.. I think stress effects our body so much... prayers and hugs for both of you

  4. Stress does effect our bodies and you've been under a lot of stress, both of you. May you soon be well so that you can continue to take great care of Tom.

    You are so right to take each day as it comes. Love & love some more while you can.

    Love, hugs & prayers for you both ~ FlowerLady

  5. I am so glad that things are going as well as they can with you. This is RIGHT, none of us knows when our time is coming. And Tom's might still be a very long way off. Your doctor does not sound likable! I hope this is not your own personal doctor. This pose is adorable!

  6. The part of life where we endure to the end. And we all will be there where you are now and I am glad you two are an inspiration to me by the way you are facing this part, and sharing it with us❤🌻❤

  7. Bo is so cute! Making the best of each day is the only way to live. Remember why you love each other and don't let negative people or situations get you too far down,. I understand your frustration with large as I am in its thrall at the moment.

    1. I guess Blogger doesn't like the word "Lurgy."

  8. Bo looks adorable.
    Stress can have an effect on our health and I'm sure it's playing a big part in it taking so long for you to get over the virus you had. Hang in there and feel better soon

  9. Bo is just so cute. Yes, stress has a major effect of ones health as I know only too well after dealing with Max' decline with dementia.

  10. Bo's picture looks like a professionally posed shot. Just adorable. Could be on a calendar. I'm so sorry that you both have to face this difficult time, but it sounds like you are facing it in the best way possible. I hope you can conquer this virus once and for all!

  11. Love and best wishes to you both.And to all your kitties.And to beautiful little Bo!xx

  12. With loss of health there is grief just as with other losses. And I agree, stress can affect us greatly; it shows up even when we think we've been handling it okay. My heartfelt wishes to you for many good days yet to come. The definition of good may change, but never stop looking for it.

    Bo is adorable. And he knows it, I suspect :)

  13. How long is a piece of string? Ha! Well, my husband had a cough in October that lasted for at least 3 weeks. And he generally just felt unwell throughout that time. All that coughing does take a toll. He just started coughing again so I'm hoping it won't last quite as long this time. Causes me stress because I can't get any sleep due to all the coughing. I hope that you and Tom have found ways to manage his lung disease and can continue to find ways to stay positive throughout all the additional stressors that tend to come and go and linger. Take care! Keep crafting. Bo sure is a love. Cuddles for the kitties.

  14. Stress is awful, it affects our bodies as much as our minds and has an impact on every aspect of our lives. It's no wonder you've felt so poorly. I do empathise with you Briony, you know that. Keep on supporting each other and having a laugh, as you do. My sense of humour is coming back, it deserted me for quite a while.

    Bo looks utterly adorable.

  15. I agree with comments above - stress is one of the most underestimated threats to health there is. Living each day as it comes and enjoying what you can, when you can is a great recipe for life. As others have said, keep on hanging in there!
    Best wishes

  16. I'm glad to hear you're OK, at least in the immediate sense. Of course none of us knows what the future holds in the grand sense, do we? Thanks for the update and the pic of the comfy dog. :)

  17. So good to see a post from you! Glad Rupert is back to health. Hope you will soon be totally over the virus. Is To doing OK considering his lung disease? Our son is having lung problems and is being treated for an infection while they try to make a diagnosis, hoping it is nothing worse.
    Zip and I have been dragging through the winter. Oh, how I dislike the cold and dreary days!
    Hope spring is on it's way in your area. Sunshine and warm weather goes a long way to making a person feel better!

  18. Glad to see you all are getting better. Both mentally and physically. Stress sometimes can make things linger longer. Who knows though. Maybe it was just a tough bug to get over. My husband has it now and believe me I'm staying away from him and cloroxing everything he touches. On a side note, Mr. Bo should be in centerfolds. Too cute for words. Take care of yourselves.

  19. the infamous winter bug has floored so many people this year , but its amazing how a bit of sunshine perks everyone up , look after yourselves

  20. Hello again Briony and Tom..Hey the sun has been shining today and I hope that it is for you both in Brighton.There is nothing better than a walk along that seafront,sharing your scooter and sitting breathing in all that lovely sea air.Best cure for any illness i think!,The sun set there is beautiful.Well wrapped up,with coats and scarfs.I will be doing that my self in a few weeks time in your lovely home town!,Hugs to you both,xx

  21. With a bit of luck and some warm sunshine you might start to feel more like your old self. Spring is just around the corner and it brings such hope and promise.

  22. What the hell is Bo doing to the arm of the sofa? Surely there should have been a "CENSORED" ribbon across that picture. And how long is a piece of string? I have a piece of string on my coffee table. I just measured it with my "Toy Story" plastic ruler. It's ten and a quarter inches long.