Monday, 4 March 2019


Last night my hip, back and other various joints were playing up and I thought a nice warm bath was in order.

I'm never alone when I have a bath as Rupert always accompanies me, sitting by the side of the bath making pitiful meow  sounds.

I explain that I can't stroke him as I have wet hands but he just keeps on yowling.
So if you can't beat them join them my Mum always used to say.

I started mimicking his  meow's but at some point I must have got it just right because he trotted over to the bathroom door and turned a looked at me with saucer eyes and wouldn't come back over.
Don't ask me what I said,  but he didn't like it. lol

I guess I can now claim to have at least one word, or even sentence, of cat speak, lol

This is not Rupert, just a stock photo


  1. be careful what you say in cat speak, this is just to funny... now i am trying to think what R thought he heard

  2. LOL, that is too funny. I hope you didn't offend him too badly

  3. Are you also able to speak like a bitch?

    1. It's just a daft joke Briony. You can do cat talk - I thought you might also know dog talk.

  4. Haha! It makes a person wonder what they really are trying to communicate, doesn't it?

    I meow softly at our cats when they do that yowling thing, too; if nothing else, I figure I'm taking their minds off whatever is upsetting them :)

  5. This is so funny. I do the same with Lukas and he looks at me as though I've lost my mind!

  6. Love that he keeps you company in the bath! How sweet! I read that cats meow to speak to humans, not to other cats. That seems mostly true in my experience, but they do make some wild sounds when they're mad at each other. Has Rupert forgiven you yet for whatever you said?

  7. One of our cats (Julie) loves it when I take a bath. She will sit on the side of the tub and play with the water. She loves it when I rub her with my wet hands and is not satisfied until she is totally soaked. I ca even squeeze the washrag over her head and she loves it! So I would stroke Rupert with your wet hands and see if that's what he's asking you to do... (if not, I'm sure he will let you know).

  8. We've had a few cats over the years who were very interested in baths. One in particular, Siamese Leah, could be counted on to dabble in the water and swat at soap bubbles. Funny creatures, aren't they!

  9. *haha* Cat-speak is always a handy second language to have. :-) Love, Andrea xoxo

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