Friday 12 April 2019


As I have written before, Tom is suffering from IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis) for those who do not know what this is,
Idiopathic  means that nobody knows what causes it and therefore there is no known treatment at the moment that cures it.
One of the things that goes with this complaint is a dry uncontrollable cough.
He has been given Codeine linctus for this but has not taken it as he has found the CBD drops to be fairly effective.  However, he temporarily ran out of them and so tried the linctus.

The result of this was that he was up half of the night with terrible tinnitus and when we looked into why this was we found that the linctus contained 'sunset yellow' colouring.
I rang the chemist this morning explaining the situation and was told that 'yes' it was probably the cause.
He is going to try to get some without the colouring for us, but as a new supply of CBD oil is in the pipeline he will not need it for now, just as a backup thank goodness.

I thought that all of these E numbers were being phased out but obviously not.

I then got to thinking of all the kids that are so angry and the knife crime etc that is rife and the thought crossed my mind  that if this could annoy Tom so much what are the additives in our food doing to us all.
Is this why kids are so bolshy, irritable and  hyper (not all of them of course)
Have you ever found yourself feeling a bit ratty and not knowing why? 

Just a thought a me and my enquiring mind. lol


  1. I am sure "chemicals" in pre-prepared food cause numerous problems.

  2. You may be on to something Briony. The expression - "You are what you eat" is a very true one. For example, I am a banana. Knife wielding young hooligans probably exist on junk food and fizzy drinks.

  3. It seems to me that back when I was growing up and people ate home cooked meals we were healthier than people are now. All the preservatives and additives can't be good for us.

  4. E numbers are still with us and it could get worse after Brexit if we import our food from who knows where and they are not covered under the EU food regulations. The chlorinated chicken from America is just one example. I had Thyroid cancer - it is rare but on the increase - during my reading of the causes I found research that has been done shows a link with chlorine and flouride. I only drink filtered water now at home.
    It is always interesting that in many other countries and often the Scandanavian ones a lot of our additives deemed safe here are banned there.
    Anything with lemon flavouring gives me migraines - I can however eat fresh lemons without any trouble.
    Hope your DH gets better - you are right about the increase in crime - as an experiment some researchers changed the diet of prisoners to remove all additives etc and they became much
    calmer and healthier. Like everything else though these findings were not acted upon because of the cost and effort. Yesterday we were out looking for bits for a celebration cake so looking in places like The Range and B&M - I noticed they are stuffed with cheap sweets and biscuits - the amount of sugar and additives under the one roof must be enormous and a lot of it aimed at children.
    There are definite links to food and ADHD in children - it seems to be ignored now since they discovered Ritalin. Much easier to dole out a medicine than change a diet.

  5. I definitely believe the crap (chemicals) they put in food have an adverse effect on us. Why on earth do we need food colouring in a medicine for adults?! I'm sure my parents and grandparents generation were much healthier with the plain unadulterated food they grew and ate.

  6. I did not know about the yellow dye. but I did have tinnitus for about a week and thought I would lose my mind. so glad the other drops are working out... it is awful to have a disease that is new and no treatment for... I don't think our cardinal will hatch. she has only one egg and has been on it for about 2 weeks. no sign of the male, which makes me think that egg is not going to hatch. Big is innoring her

  7. We use additives and chemicals in everything today it seems and without much thought. We and our animal friends are paying a high price for this with our health. I'm glad there us a better temporary solution for Tom.

  8. That's something I hadn't thought of before and it makes sense. Not just additives, but all of the stuff kids eat and drink these days, including those high-energy drinks. They don't seem to realize the amount of caffeine in them, and caffeine is such a stimulant. Not to mention addictive.

    I'm glad the oil is working for Tom. A cough is so very wearing.

  9. We've gone caffeine free in hot drinks on Drs advice.

  10. I have never heard of a food coloring causing tinnitus. But I do know that they can cause all kind of symptoms, and Tom must be very sensitive to them. I take morphine every night and that really helps with sleep. I do hope you are able to get it without coloring!

  11. Years ago when I used to be on the PTA we stopped the children from having fizzy drinks at the discos and the immediate improvement in their behaviour was amazing.

  12. I agree with Sooze - why would they even put food coloring in a medicine for adults?

  13. Yea, I agree with person above me, why?

  14. One reason they put color different colors and such on pills. I do personal care and one my client has morphine for pain and to be quite honest it looks real close to my blood pressure medication.
    Coffee is on

    1. Great explanation Dora, thanks, never thought of that.

  15. Yes, Briony, YES!! Additives, pesticides, artificial anything.... I believe it all can cause adverse affects in the body.... including cancers. *sigh* Whenever I see ad campaigns to "find the cure" I always say "find the cause". I hope your hubby gets what he needs & feels better again. Love, Andrea xoxo

  16. I dont know about Codeine linctus,but a few years,ago I broke my foot...falling down 3 steps in the house I live in,for over 40 years..they gave me Codeine at the hospital and I was so constipated,I had never been in so much pain,even in labour!I would never take anything Codeine based!!,xx

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