Tuesday, 18 June 2019


The beaded, embroidered cat is finished.
All diamonds etc  in place after trying several glues in order to find one where they didn't pick off.  Used Aleene's flexible fabric glue in the end.
Now for my second go at felting the surround.

The willow tree turned out so well that I am really wary of doing it a second time in fear that it will not be as good.
I've made a start and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
If it all goes wrong I can just pull it all out and do something else.

This is what comes from never having had any formal training in anything, I wing things.
Sometimes they turn out okay and other times things go in the bin, lol

Spent a good deal of time brushing Rowan last night and she really didn't like it.
She had walked through a dead bunch of forget-me-nots and covered herself in sticky little seeds
it took ages to get them all out they were literally everywhere.
Going out today all along the back to remove the plants.

Thunder forecast for later in the day.  I love a drop of thunder but I know 5 others who do not, lol


  1. The cat looks wonderful. I love how you have done her eyes. I too have no formal training but just give it a go and see how it turns out

  2. i do not like thunder and neither does Big Boy... Rowan is Beautiful with a capital B... i know about sticky flowers, we have a plant called beggar lice and the little seeds get stuck on anything that walks through it... including US, my shoes were covered and i had to brush them like you did Rowan. your art always looks wonderful to me

  3. Your embroidered cat is stunning, it will look even more stunning when you have done the background. It really must be framed and hung on the wall.

  4. That is beautiful.Did you make your own pattern?I have masses of beads from when I did jewellery and use them for something like this (but much simpler for me!!!)

  5. Looking good so far! Well done.

  6. I have never seen anything like the needlework you do!! It is beyond anything. It is truly priceless. Rowan is so beautiful, I don't know how you managed the brushing if he didn't like it!

  7. Your cat's eye is perfect, Briony! Like Ginny said, I too have never seen needlework like yours. You're in a class all by yourself. Can't wait to see the finished felting on this piece - the purple looks very royal, very fitting for such a beautiful cat.

    Speaking of beautiful cats . . . Rowan :)

  8. I've just combed Humphrey because he's been at the cattery for 10 days. Huge amount came out! Love your latest project.

  9. That cat is fabulous and I think the felting is really going to look great. I'm pretty much the same with all the things I do. All the crafting I do is pretty much self taught. I don't necessarily do things the way most people would but I get by.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous you are so talented Briony♥ Rowan is a beautiful cat. We have a fluffy black and white cat we rescued from the RSPCA (Keoni) and looks so much like your fur babies:)

  11. Absolutely Beautiful,you are so talented and it is so nice that you are back here I love those cats lol x

  12. No formal training to me just means your fantastic with your creativity you got to break eggs to make an omlet 😀 my little dog gets sticky seeds on her too same problem across the pond 💕

  13. You are truly talented and do not need any sort of formal training. I doubt you create anything that isn't worthy. We are often needlessly too critical of ourselves. (Hope to see you back to drawing sometime.) Jingles begs to be brushed every single day, but I'm sure if it was necessary because of little spurs in the fur, she would be running away. :)

  14. Briony, your needlework is always a sheer delight to behold. Thank you so much for posting. Your cat pictures are also. Our 16yo kitty "Mistletoe" passed from this earth over 10 months ago. Every time I see your precious pictures I realize it's time for another in my own life. Thank you for that. Love, Andrea xoxo

  15. wow, your embroidered cat is fab !

  16. The cat is so beautiful! I love the eyes. I think the felted background will set it off perfectly and can't wait to see the finished project. All of our cats are indoor only cats, and they're all short-haired so brushing isn't too much of a problem. They do still produce a lot of loose hair though. Have you ever heard of people using pet hair along with their felting wool?

  17. Your embroidery work is stunning Briony - truly a work of art. I think 'formal' training is overrated! Love the picture of the cat on the pedestal! x

  18. Rowan is very majestic and beautiful.
    The purple was a bold choice for the felting, it does looks amazing.

  19. Wow, looks fabulous. I hope the felt turns out as you visualise it.

  20. It's beautiful! I'm gonna love seeing the finished picture. Your black and white kitties make me miss my Putter Jean so much.

  21. Beautiful. I'm glad you have the courage to "wing things."

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