Monday 24 June 2019


Hearing Rupert growling and pfffing I went into the kitchen to investigate.
Oh dear, he had a bird.
I don't think he had killed it as it was very cold and very dead.
We haven't had a bird bought in for years but he was letting nobody near it.
He was growling and making the lion pfffing noise walking around with it in his mouth.

Poor little bird.  All I could think about was that some little blue tit had worked hard feeding this little one only for it to be caught and die.

It was in a bit of a state when he bought it in so I think it was second hand, although Rupert paraded with it as though he was the man, lol

It's now in the bin as we are going out and I don't want a rotting corpse hidden away somewhere.


  1. In the bin? Surely you could have given that poor bird a proper Christian burial with flowers, hymns and everything.

  2. Aw poor little bird. I imagine Rupert did feel very proud of himself for a bit. I'm sure it wasn't easy to get it away from him

  3. Oh the wild kingdom 😀 right in your kitchen

  4. I know what you mean about feeling bad for the parent who raised this bird, only to have it killed. On the other hand, as my mother would say, if ALL the blue tits lived we'd be buried in them!

  5. Rupert is a natural hunter, he can't help himself. good choice to get it out of the house before you left.

  6. Typical male cat, poor bird. I hope you enjoy your outing.

  7. It's hard to be an indoor cat (or mostly indoor) - there's not much wildlife in the great indoors. One of our cats likes to walk around with a plastic-coated spring in her mouth and has the strangest cry she gives while she's doing it. I'm sure it's the same cry she'd give if it was a bird or mouse in her jaws.

  8. We've had bits of mice two mornings running. You would think I never fed the feline sometimes!

  9. Must have been his most fun day ever!!

  10. I know it's only natural but I feel so sad for the victims! Our cats are indoors only, but the occasional mouse manages to get inside - no match for 5 cats.

  11. We have only ever had 2 presents from our cat the first being a huge bright green privet hawk moth caterpillar still in one piece and alive which we rescued. The second was saveloy sausage several pieces which he dumped at the feet of my sister whilst we were on holiday. Apparently he looked very pleased with himself!

  12. When I was a child, back in the days when it was perfectly normal to allow dogs out on their own, we owned a little mixed breed dog. It came home one day dragging a dead goose. The goose was twice the size of the dog. We think/hope she must have found it already dead on the side of the canal.

  13. Just to be different, years ago our cat came home dragging a whole roast chicken. Someone missed outon their Sunday dinner that day!

  14. Not the nicest of gifts to receive, but i'm sure he brought it to you to say thanks for all you do for me mum LOL. He is gorgeous, you couldn't be cross with him for long.

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