Friday, 14 June 2019


Since my hip and back have started giving me jip I am finding it increasingly difficult to get out of the car.
Getting in is fine. Right leg in, flop in seat and the other leg sort of follows , lol
But getting out is a bit trickier.  I have to get the left leg out first and this is the bad hip side, therefore I can't put a lot of weight on this leg, so I'm sort of hauling myself out.  I'm sure you've seen elderly people doing this lots of times, I have but never thought I'd come to it, lol

Purely by chance the other day I sat on a carrier bag on the seat and couldn't be bothered to get back out to remove it.
When it came to getting out of the car I found out that I could swivel on the bag and get both feet out together (are you picturing this?)  then all I had to do was stand up.

I know it's not rocket science but it works.
So, anybody out there having trouble getting out of your car, try the swivel bag method. 
Any bag will do but the strong ones are best.


  1. And you have 2 spam comments from the Arabian person. Suggest you delete. Good idea by the way.

  2. what a good tip, and so simple.

  3. It's not obvious from your pic, but are your car seats leather or fabric? We have a new (to us) car with leather seats, the last one had fabric seats. The leather ones make it SO much easier to get out of the car (I have the same problem with hip and back as you, although it's my right hip) - I just slip round and slide right off the seat!

  4. Very good idea! Simple and inexpensive way to make life easier.

  5. What a good idea. I have a bit of hip problem but mine is the right one. Usually at the end of the work day I have to grab my right leg and lift it into the car.

  6. It looks like slipperiness is the key factor. (A lot of our stores sell the fabric-type bags instead, which I don't think would do the job.) What a clever solution to the issue!

  7. I know just what you mean. Wow, this is an awesome find! So simple, cheap, and pain free for you! My hips, knee, and back are so bad that we finally had to get an SUV.

  8. The swivel bag method, you should patent this :)

  9. Glad you found something that works for you. They apparently say that everyone should be getting in and out of the car this way so as not to cause stress to joints.

  10. That's what the surgeon told me to do when I had my op

  11. I had a Physical Therapist give me this very tip after I had abdominal surgery! She gave me a simple plastic bag to put on the car seat, sit my bum in first and then swing my legs in.

  12. What a good idea! I shall try this out. Thank you. Have a good day!

  13. very creative even by accident. i have the same left hip problem. when we bought the Kia i drive, i sat in over 30 cars before i found one that had a seat at butt height. i back up and drop, swivel and stand. since you can't go out and buy a car, this is great.. i am with Tom on heights. i nearly expired even going up inside the tower that had sides. no way i would walk out where the crow was or on that bridge

  14. You can buy a circular thing for the seat to give you the swivel, your version is a lot cheaper though lol

  15. Wow I will remember this tip it's a good one!

  16. That is very creative!

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