Friday 28 June 2019


I made the mistake of talking to Princess while she was in the chair up in the workroom.
She got up from the chair and walked across the table containing two boards with jigsaws in progress.
I had turned my back for a second and she trod on the edge of my board and several hours of piecing went on the floor.
I was about half way to completing it. 
After moving my chair, the worst part of this experience was working out how to get down onto the floor to pick up the pieces and then how to get up again, lol
What once would have been so easy is now so difficult.
How did that happen?


  1. Here is Mr BHs take on the problem have a small hand held hoover that he pushes around on the floor with his foot then hauls up with his grabby thingy and empties on the table , does it a couple of times ...hes always tipping stuff everywhere ..

  2. Oh dear..bugger..damn..and I bet a few more swear words were muttered when it happened,lol.The pieces look so small to it as well.Oh well,worse things could have could have been an open tin of black paint like happened on my stairs once.Not the cats fault but my brother in law!Hope you managed to pick them all up!,xx

  3. You need one of them long handled brush and pan thingymajigs. Mine is great for sweeping the crumbs up off the kitchen floor. Also good for sweeping the muck off the steps at the church lychgate.

  4. Oh no. I hear you on getting down there and then trying to get back up.

  5. Oh no Briony, I feel your pain! How did you manage to pick it all up? Last year I often used to get down on the floor to play with, a few months later, I can't with my poorly hip - getting down there isn't too much of a problem....getting up is nigh on impossible. It's a bugger getting old isn't it?

  6. i would have to resort to some of the things mentioned in the comments. i can not get on the floor, my knees will not allow it. i sat on the floor during a hurricane in 2017 and i thought we would have to call the EMTS to get me up... i used to just roll onto my knees and get up. can't do that now. i can't even kneel on the bed, to stand up and reach the curtains over the window.. or put a lightbulb in the fan light.
    in the light of could be worse, what if it were two puzzles you were working on at the same time and the pieces got all mixed together

  7. Oh Briony I know exactly how you feel.....I can't get up nor down either! I have a long handled dustpan & brush, works a treat for things like that. I wonder though, will you redo the puzzle? x

  8. Oh MY! I can really sympathize! I cannot get either up or down from the floor. Once down, I cannot pull myself up with my two torn shoulders, and cannot crawl with the bone pieces in my knee.

  9. Will you do a followup post to let us know how you managed it? Always looking for tips here! (and have noted the tips in the comments) :)

  10. I forgot how little princes called the shots and you are not showing her enough devotion so she punished you 🐈

  11. Oh no!!! That is so many pieces. We know fifty two card pickup but this is just way too much. Maybe a broom and dustpan would work and it would be easy too. Hope everything works out for you. Have a great weekend.
    World of Animals

  12. I know what you mean about getting down on the floor. Once I would spring back up like Zebedee in "The Magic Roundabout" but not any more. I think that The Earth's gravity is much stronger than it used to be.

  13. Oh dear - it would have taken a millisecond for it all to come crashing down and a lot longer to clear up.

  14. Oh my! So sorry...I hope you'll eventually prevail...I'm lucky my Lukas isn't much of a climber so doesn't get in to puzzles...Poor you.

  15. nice article..
    thanks for sharing :)

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